This is not the very first time when you are working on lawn signs. You have gone through so many of them while driving down the busy street. Some are professionals, and others have fun colors on them. Even the materials seem to differentiate based on your targeted budget and the longevity of the signs. But, much like the main material on which the message is printed, you need to focus on the frames that these signs come with it.

Without a sturdy and strong frame, your sign won’t even last a single day! The main goal of these frames is to hold the yard sign in its place. These frames are not just going to help you with the proper fixation of the signs but will help you to get the sign up even in harsh weather conditions. So, just like focusing on the print of the sign, you might want to shift your focus towards the frames as well.

H-frame is a standard version:

It is one common yard sign frame to consider. Here, the wireframes will have around two tines, which will be inserted into the flutes of the chosen corrugated plastic signs. 

  • The tines, which are situated on the other side of the frame, will be inserted within the ground. 
  • A double or single crossbar right between these two tines can add strength and will make an entire frame look at a single unit. 
  • It can prevent the sign face from sliding right down tines.

I-frame is a common option:

This form of frame is more or less like the H-frame, as discussed already, but without the crossbar to link two legs. Each leg might have one abutment, which acts as a stop for preventing the sign from sliding down the top portion.

The vertical fluting on signs:

You might have noticed vertical fluting, which offers little holes to run all way through the interior of the signs. It will allow the wire stakes that you have used to display signs to place inside vertical fluting. These stakes will later get displayed in any landscape or yard of your choice. It is one of the simple ways in which you can display the sign you have worked hard on. The corrugated plastic ones are mostly around 4mm in thickness.

Some common display methods:

As it is pretty much self-explanatory, yard signs are displayed in green areas like the yard but can be displayed anywhere you want. So, you can always be creative with the ways that you want to use for printing and displaying the customized lawn signs. 

  • Some of the common display methods you will come across are metal frames, wire stakes, grommets, and real estate posts.
  • The common uses of these signs will be for expressing political views, for political campaigns, business use, real estate, events, or as directional signs. 

So, be sure to focus on the use and the materials first before you can opt for the right frames for your lawn signs. 

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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