Working from home during the pandemic can be a challenge, especially if your kids are there with you. After all, they can distract you from getting anything done. Consider these tips from Talkspace for working from home with your kids during COVID-19.

Make a List of Goals

You can set your goals for the day or week by writing them down in a journal, planner or notebook. Further, doing this can be helpful in staying organized, especially since your supervisor isn't around to check up on you. Try breaking your goals into smaller tasks so you procrastinate less. Make sure your children are doing their assignments if necessary.

Keep a Detailed Schedule

Having a detailed schedule can help you remember what needs to be done at a certain time. Staying organized is a smart way to be more productive. Another idea is to try keeping your children on a schedule too. Keeping a schedule can help your family have a familiar routine.

Take Short Breaks

It's important for your mental health and well-being to take short breaks when you're able to. Do activities you enjoy such as reading or playing Solitaire. Besides this, have your kids take breaks by doing puzzles, playing board games or coloring in coloring books. Avoid letting them have access to technology, since this can become a bad habit.

Speak to Your Supervisor

Consider asking your supervisor for ideas on how to deal with working from home. He or she may be able to give you advice based on the coping strategies of other employees. Remember to understand deadlines, expectations and what needs to be completed. A Talkspace therapist can be understanding of the fact that you may need help during the pandemic.

Share Responsibilities with Your Partner

You and your partner, if you have one, should be equal in the relationship. This means treating each other with respect and sharing responsibilities. For instance, your partner can do puzzles with the kids while you work. Similarly, you can help them with their homework while your partner works.

Have a Support System

If you have people who you completely trust with your kids, you can ask them for help. Firstly, make sure they're healthy so your family isn't at risk for catching COVID-19, and your family can do the same for them. Having this support system can make everyone's lives a lot less stressful.

Seek Online Therapy

Talking to a therapist online can be easier and more affordable than driving to an office. A professional Talkspace therapist can help you deal with any issues you may have. Additionally, consider having your kids talk to a therapist to be sure everyone is happy and healthy.

Using these tips can make life run more smoothly at home for your whole family. In fact, you might even learn to enjoy having your kids near you all day. You have the chance to get creative and have fun doing activities with them, and earn money doing a job you may love.

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