There is nothing that annoys people more than the pain of a UTI. the stabbing, shooting pain in the bladder that radiates around the back and down the legs? It’s the unlucky few who are familiar with that pain, and it’s the very unlucky few who have this problem over and over again. You feel that needling pain as you urinate, and you have that urge to pee no matter how many times you’ve been already – and you learn how uncomfortable it is. So, you vigilantly drink water and drink the cranberry juice, but here you are again a month later!

A UTI is an interruption in life and it’s a painful one. You keep doing the right things and going to the doctor for antibiotics, and it keeps coming back. Why? Why do you keep suffering with the pain of a UTI? Why won’t it go away? Well, there are a few good reasons that it’s not going away and you’re taking a catheter class with the doctor to be able to release your urine in the meantime. This isn't okay! It’s good that this provision is here, but if you can just get rid of the UTI, wouldn't you want to? Let’s take a look at why your UTI keeps coming back for more:

  1. A UTI doesn't always show up on standard tests – did you know that? More patients than ever aren't aware that they are getting tested for a UTI and nothing is clear. Some of the ways a UTI is diagnosed is inaccurate because the tests are not sensitive enough. They don't always pick up the infections that people are coping with and they don't always confirm whether bacteria is present in the urinary tract. Without proper testing, you will still be in pain when you are trying to get better.
  2. A UTI is often misdiagnosed as something else, because the usual tests don't catch it every time – as mentioned above. Sometimes a UTI is confused with an overactive bladder or cystitis. Sometimes, these diagnoses are devastating for a patient because they aren't always curable. You then end up in pain without the right help for as long as it takes.
  3. You need treatment – proper treatment – so that your UTI will go away. Without proper diagnosis, you cannot get the right treatment. A UTI interrupts your sex life, your abiliity to participate in activities with friends and it can even interrupt family life. You then could find you’re in more pain as without treatment, your kidneys can end up infected, too. If a doctor is dismissing you, go for that second opinion.
  4. You’ve tried the antibiotics but they’re not working. When a UTI is chronically recurrent, you find that the bladder is infected and it returns over and over. It’s not going away because the medicine you’ve been given isn't working, and you’re on catheters at home long-term. It’s not fun, but it’s efficient to help you to clear out your system.

If you suspect a UTI, please see your doctor and ask for an extra opinion if necessary.

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