Having a career is all part of a varied and fulfilling life. You want to spend your time doing something that provides value to people and earns you an income. 

There’s a big difference, though, between being a first-responder and an insurance broker. Yes, both professions provide a service. But when you’re in the medical field, the impact that you’re having on people’s lives is much more apparent.

Why People In "Helping Careers" Are The Happiest 1

It turns out that people in helping careers are generally a lot happier than those working regular jobs, nine to five. But what’s the reason? Are these people just naturally happier? Or is their job giving them fulfillment that they just can’t find in regular careers. 

When it comes to helping careers, you have a lot of options. 

For instance, you could become a personal coach – somebody who helps people deal with life issues such as relationships, money, dating, parenting, and dealing with retirement. Usually, you don’t need any qualifications. All that’s required is a quality brand. 

A physical therapist is another option. There are plenty of physical therapy degree programs out there, making it a relatively easy helping profession to get into. 

What about becoming a career counselor? Given the impact of coronavirus, there are currently loads of people looking for work. 

But what makes people in these professions happier than the general population? Let’s take a look.

You Have A Sense Of Purpose

Perhaps the most prominent reason people in helping professions enjoy their work so much is that it gives them a sense of purpose. They wake up every day with something valuable to do. They know that they’re actively helping other people in their community. And that’s often a fulfilling experience. 

You Don’t Feel Like You’re At Work

Something interesting happens when you embark on a helping career – you no longer feel like you’re going to work every day. Instead, it’s more like a vocation or a hobby. You never watch the clock. Instead, you just enjoy what the role brings. Monday mornings aren’t something you dread. They’re actually something you look forward to.

You Don’t Feel Like You’re Doing It For The Money

How many people do you know who just do their jobs for the money? Chances are that there are a lot of them around. Many people just need work to pay the bills, even though they hate what they do. 

But when you’re in a helping career, you rarely feel this way. If you wanted money, you’d go into something else, like investment banking. But that’s not how you feel. Instead, you like your job because of the real impacts it has on peoples’ lives

You Are A Pillar Of The Community

Lastly, people who work in helping professions are often seen as pillars of the community. They’re the hard-working individuals who form the glue that holds society together. It’s through their actions that people get better and move on with their lives. They solve problems that have real impacts on the rest of the neighborhood. 

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