Music has always been an intricate expression and natural part of human society, as well as individual lives. For everyone there is that one song we hear that brings back potent memories, sights and smells, a particular person or moment. If so inclined, however, instead of simply listening to music, it may be very beneficial to take the time to learn an instrument, and one of the most popular instruments to learn is the electric piano.

Playing the Piano Stimulates the Brain

Piano players will vouch that playing the keyboard opens the mind to a whole new sort of stimulants, both in hand-eye coordination and the intricate matter of enhancing creative awareness through mental and, when done correctly, physical relaxation with the art of emotional expression through improvisation. Physically, fingers will be nimble and flexible and sensitive, but strong, increasing the dexterity and aiding in other more physical activities such as sports.

Researchers have found what many piano teachers have already known: that playing the piano or keyboard greatly increases a child’s learning ability and attention span, and, interestingly enough, their mathematical and reading skills. But that is not contained to only children. Adults as well as children will gain a feeling of sophistication and confidence in learning and maintaining a brand new skill, and are as equally affected by the joy of making music.

Electric pianos come in many different varieties, all with their own quirks and systems. Aside from the mental work that comes from playing, the machine itself will lend to a unique understanding of interesting technology, whether you plan to simply have the piano for your own entertainment, or build your own studio for personal or public recordings.

Horizons Expand

Longevity of playing induces a better awareness to other music as well, which enhances the mere act of listening to music into an art form itself. Not only will the sound of the music speak to you, but you will also understand its peculiar language, either on the page as it’s written, or perhaps off of it if you’re inclined to learn by ear instead. Both methods are legitimate means to playing any instrument, the piano included.

In some cases, people like to learn piano for their own personal enjoyment, or perhaps they took lessons at the request of parents, or to impress a particular someone. Not everyone enjoys the idea of getting on stage, but, then again, not every band is famous. Joining a group of musicians just to have a “jamming session” is a wonderful, eye-opening experience, both for the novelty of playing with others and to learn from them in order to expand upon your own skills, whether you are a budding or a well-rounded musician. There is always room to learn.

To Put it Simply, it’s Fun

Playing any instrument is extremely satisfying, not only for yourself but for others as well. The keyboard would not be one of the more prominent instruments to learn if it was not an absolute blast.

Whether young or old, it is never too late to begin a new hobby in music, and the benefits are well worth the time and effort put into learning the keyboard.

Jeffrey Kirby is a freelance writer who contributes articles regularly on computer software, gadgetry, technology, futurism and other areas; those thinking of taking up keyboarding should consider the kensington ipad case with keyboard from kensington.com.

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