It seems like all celebrities have perfect smiles, made up of beautifully straight white teeth. It would be incredibly difficult to have a career in the public eye if you had wonky or missing teeth, celebrities are scrutinized all of the time and images of them are often blown up to be viewed on huge billboards. If there was any imperfection there at all, it would be noticed and brought to light immediately! 

Why Are Smiles So Attractive?

We hold celebrities up as the ideal of beauty standards, they are the perfect image that most of us will never be able to attain. A huge part of that is having a great smile, but why do we find a perfect smile so attractive?

According to psychologists, there are a few reasons for this. Firstly, smiling is the way that we feel we are connecting with other human beings. Marianne LaFrance, an experimental psychologist at Yale University, noted that in obituaries the feature people mentioned most often was their loved ones smile. It’s that smile that makes us feel connected to them. When someone smiles at us they are conveying that they have noticed us and that we matter, which is what we are searching for most of the time!

Smiling is also a key way that people indicate their altruistic intentions, which is a quality we naturally feel attracted to. Plus, a smile immediately puts us at our ease. If someone is smiling at us, it signals that they are safe and that we can relax. Finally, we find happiness attractive and smiling is the universal symbol for happiness.

How Do Celebrities Get A Perfect Smile?

So we know why we like smiles so much, but how do celebrities get theirs to look so good? A lot of them have probably had help! 

According to Marie Claire a lot of celebrities have had cosmetic dentistry to improve their smiles. Celebrities can achieve a whiter and healthier looking smile by using veneers, which means having tooth colored material added to the front of their teeth. A dentist will take away a little of the natural enamel from the tooth, and install the veneer. It’s a simple procedure, and if maintained correctly will last fifteen to twenty years.

The part of a perfect smile that might not seem so obvious is the tooth to gum ratio. We tend to favor a smile that shows teeth rather than gum, so if you are a person who has a ‘gummy’ smile you might feel self-conscious about it. A few celebrities are rumored to have had a procedure called a gingivectomy, which essentially means removing the excess gum to improve the look of the smile. See https://bestdentistinhouston.com/gingivectomy/ for more information on what’s involved in the procedure.

It’s also getting more and more common for adults to address their crooked teeth by getting braces. With advances in dentistry, braces don’t have to be the enormous lumps of metal that you see on teenagers in the movies. A good dentist will be able to install a brace that is practically invisible. Generally straightening using braces will take eighteen to twenty-four months.

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