You won. You hooked a consumer with your products and or services and now they want to take the next step in this early relationship. They want to sign up to your website, have their own account and create their own profile. Wanting to be part of your business so much that they are willing to give over their own details is quite an important event. So you sign up process has to be very good as to not lose them in the process. It must be simple enough so everyone can understand but also, a little bit niche so that you don’t have a copy and paste of another business. Being unique is always a thought you should massage in your mind so you don’t look generic to your customers. They should feel as if they are signing up to something that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Draw attention to ‘register’

Far too often, there are websites that have have the ‘sign in’ button or link, in a larger text size than the ‘register’. In fact, you have probably seen many websites that just have a sign in button and not a register or sign up button alongside. You have to actually click on the sign in link then be transported to the sign in page where it says ‘or register for an account’. That is incredibly frustrating so do not do it. However, you should draw attention to the ‘register’ button. This could be in the way of an animation of some kind that points to or eludes to it. Make the icon brighter than the rest of the page and use a larger font size for it than the ‘sign in’ button.

Modern authentication

Consumers use their smartphones more than their desktops these days so your sign up process should heavily be influenced by this. Google is promoting websites that are both desktop and mobile friendly so even if you don’t have an app, you should have a smartphone version of your website. For modern authentication see the best php frameworks where you can see which company gives you the best kind of user authentication process for your needs. Smartphones can use fingerprint recognition, as well as facial recognition to name a few. Could you possibly use these techniques to allow customers to sign into their accounts?

Too much running around

When you sign up with an account for a website, the running around that’s done after the fact is very annoying at times. Once you have signed up, usually there will be an automatic no-reply email sent to you. In it, will be a link that you need to click to activate your account. That is fair enough but when the customer does click on this, don’t automatically log them out. They then have to go back and put in their details once more to get into the account they just signed up for and then activated using their email. This is simply too much running around.

The sign up process to your website should be easy and hardly a chore. Make sure the sign up icon is larger than the login button to draw attention to this entire process.

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INFOtainment News

Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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