You are engaged. You and your fiancé have set the date. It’s time to buy the oh-so-important wedding gown.

Before you slip into those wedding dresses at the bridal store let’s have a little talk about your under-garments or, as your grandmother might say, ‘foundation’ garments. What you wear under your wedding dress is very critical. It is going to give you the fix, shape and comfort that you desire. It will transform a beautiful gown into one that fits like a glove and shows you off to your best advantage.

The right bridal lingerie can make all the difference in how you look in your gown. Are you a few pounds overweight? Does your stomach stick out? Is your butt too flat? These problems can be remedied by the right under-garments.

Before going dress shopping buy the proper under-garments. They may not be the exact foundation garments you plan to wear on your wedding day but get something very similar to what you will be wearing on the big day.


A strapless wedding gown requires a strapless bra or a strapless bustier, which hoists up the breasts, squeezes in your waist and flattens the tummy.

The bra you wear under your wedding dress is very important. You want a bra that fits perfectly, doesn’t result in back boobs or cut you under the arms and you want it to hold you up and stay up. The bride doesn’t want to be repeatedly (and awkwardly) hoisting up her dress throughout the ceremony and reception. We've all seen brides struggle through the wedding and reception with a strapless gown that refuses to stay up.

If there is an underwire in the bra, it must be comfortable. You don’t want it poking you and torturing you throughout the day.

Go a professional bra fitter to get the perfect fit. You may find out that are you are not wearing the correct size bra. Yes, this is going to cost you some $$ but it is well worth it. You can wear the bra over and over in the future. It’s a good investment.


Brides often wear Spanx or some type of body shaper under their wedding dress. If this is the plan, wear it the day you try on gowns and wear it when you are fitted for the gown you’ve chosen. This garment can make a significant difference in your body shape.

If you aren’t wearing Spanx or a body shaper when you try on gowns you may pass over a dress that would have looked magnificent if you were wearing the under-garment when you tried it on.

The day of your wedding, when you are wearing a body shaper, you may find the dress is looser than you wanted it to be. Body shapers do alter the shape of the body, in a good way.


Select underpants that are comfortable, fit well and stay in place. You don’t want them creeping up and giving you a wedgie or falling down around your ankles. Choose panties in a nude color so they aren’t visible.

Look at your backside when trying on gowns. If the gown is tight fitting or made of thin material you may be able to see a visible panty line. If so, pick out a different type of underwear, preferably made of Spanx or Lycra. Or you may opt to wear panty hose with built-in underpants.


Of utmost importance is comfort. Select bridal lingerie that does the job but doesn’t annoy, poke, prod and restrict your movements. You want to be comfortable at the wedding and reception and not give a second thought to what’s underneath that spectacular gown you are wearing.


Jenny Houston is a professional blogger that writes for AllureBridals.com, a leading designer of wedding dress and bridesmaid gowns.

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