Digital dating has definitely taken the driver’s seat in the dating field for the past decade. The drastic rise in technology combined with easily usable apps and increasingly hectic work schedules have all been contributing factors to this type of social scene.

In the late 1990's and early 2000's people would go out and meet others in crowded bars, at concerts, group outings or through friends. There are many economic factors that have played into this which have prohibited people from enjoying this type of dating style. Around 2006 the economy did not fare so well and the housing market crashed. This caused a typical persons’ 40 hour work week to increase to a 50 or 60 hour work week in order to make ends meet. 

What is The Future of Internet Dating? 2

This has a direct correlation in the amount of free time an individual now had. Gone was the spare time to go out and enjoy free time and meet new and interesting people. Just because those extra hours each week were gone did not mean that the desire to meet new people had also diminished. Apps and dating websites such as match.com, tinder and bumble quickly became increasingly popular as a means to help people meet other people while they maintained their necessary busy lifestyles.

What Improvements In Technology Are Customizing The Online Dating Experience?

There are a few factors that hold a lot of people back from entering into the online dating community. Some people are weary of strangers and others are concerned about false identities and scammers. Then there are individuals that have participated in online dating and never felt like a real meaningful match was created and that the experience was a waste of time. 

As technology improves so do strategies and many online sites and apps are utilize artificial intelligence and algorithms to create a better probability of relationships and friendships. In addition to these technological advances, more security measures are in place to weed out fake accounts and online scammers. 

How Could AI Create A Possible Match?

Artificial Intelligence apps are already being used to analyze individuals’ profiles and social media accounts when it comes to matching people. Sites such as math.com use their own method that incorporates AI to help match people with more common traits and have had a higher success rate than quite a few other apps and sites. 

AI could eventually be used to completely search each user’s phone, emails and social media to find hidden personality traits to help create better matches. It is easy to forget some details when filling out a dating profile and AI would ensure that these holes were filled in to bring the most possible matches your way. 

Remove The Trolls and Scammers!

One of the biggest complaints that dating site users have is the accessibility of online trolls and scammers to contact them. You are online in hopes to form a relationship, not to have your identity stolen or be emotionally played with. It is doubly obnoxious when users pay a fee to utilize the website and have to deal with these unpleasant individuals. Blockchain technology is paving the way in running scans and doing more secure identity checks on users. This will help eliminate these scammers from ever contacting individuals within a dating site or app. 

Is There Assurance That You Are Not Being Romantically Played?

The problem with online dating is that you truly have no way of knowing if you are the only person an individual is dating. Just as you may have multiple dating sites that you are utilizing to find the right person, the person you are talking to may also be on multiple sites. With the ability to connect with people at the touch of your finger you have to wonder if you are just one date in a string of Friday night dates. 

Video chatting and texting definitely make the dating field easier but it also creates a bit of mistrust for people”, says Krystyna Trushyna, a founder of UkrainianDatingBlog.com. A lot of users are hoping that eventually a technology will be created that does not allow users to make multiple connections on multiple sites because they feel as though they are being digitally cheated on. It really does just come down to be willing to put yourself out there and trust that the person you are communicating with is being as open and honest with you as you are with them.

One cannot help but wonder what the actual future of online and app dating will be. As the surge in the online dating has taken off there have been other factors that have somewhat levelled out the in person dating playing field as well. 

A lot of new businesses have been created that create group outings for individuals as a way to get out and have fun and possibly meet someone in person. These include wine tasting, craft brewery touring, rock climbing, zip lining and sailing expeditions. All of these are broken down into age groups and allow people to have fun while sharing common interests. 

These have been created out of the disappointment that occurred due to the constant swiping on apps. If technology is advanced and the bugs are worked out of these apps then there could be a resurrection in the popularity of dating sites and people might feel their concerns have been addressed and can jump in to the digital scene once again.

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