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All of us have suffered from some sort of back or neck stiffness. Most times we may not even know how it happened, all we do know is, we're stiff and it hurts! Often, these nagging pains won't go away on their own and you need to see a doctor. A chiropractor is an affordable specialist available to help fix your neck and back pain along with any other musculoskeletal issues you may be suffering from.

History of the Chiropractic Profession

Stretching back thousands of years, quite literally since the beginning of recorded time, spinal manipulation and the maneuvering of body extremities to relieve back pain has been mentioned. The father of medicine, Hippocrates, published text placing an emphasis and importance on acquiring knowledge of the spine as it is the requisite for many diseases. Modern chiropractic care began in 1895 when Daniel David Palmer founded the chiropractic profession and two years later opened the Palmer School of Chiropractic.

3 Primary Chiropractic Treatments

  • Back misalignmentWhat is Chiropractic Work Known Best For Treating? 2

  • Frequent headaches

  • Feet pain

Lower Back

At some point in their life, 80 percent of people will suffer from back pain. Physicians estimate that over half of the American population suffers from some form of back pain every year. The most common area for back pain is the lower back due to its unstable nature. It doesn't have the rib cage support that the thoracic spine has. Every time you bend or move stress is applied to this region. Adjustments in this area from a professional will subside any discomfort.


Headache pain is a common occurrence at some point in everyone's life. Primary headaches account for 95 percent of all headaches and are caused by misalignment of the neck vertebrae and tension of the neck muscles. The nerve irritation this aggravation causes has sufferers taking pain killers, but never really solving the problem. Many studies have shown that chiropractic spinal manipulation will relieve pain permanently.


Pain prevention starts with your feet. They can easily be the most abused part of your body that directly impacts the health of your back. Any discomfort in your lower back, hips, or neck may be resolved by a chiropractic professional. How your feet absorb force with their three arches can cause pain throughout your body. Your chiropractic professional can resolve this by providing you with custom orthotics that control your feet's absorption of impact, alleviating pain throughout your body.

Permanent Pain Relief

Chiropractic treatment is widely recognized as one of the safest, drug-free, non-invasive therapies. Cervical and spinal manipulation performed by a chiropractic professional can relieve soreness, pain, and stiffness throughout your neuromusculoskeletal system. Modern medicine tends to treat pain with prescription drugs that only provide temporary pain relief, and can also be highly addictive and destructive to the body in general. Seeking out a chiropractic professional can provide you permanent pain resolution without having to risk becoming dependent on narcotics to releave your pain on a daily basis. Not only is chiropractic manipulation safer, but the affects of treatment also last longer on a patient to patient basis.


This article was written by Jerome Eckerman.  Jerome is currently studying chiropractic therapy in Central Florida, and is excited to become a chiropractor on his own within the next 2 years.  In his free time, Jerome enjoys researching different aspect of the chiropractic industry and sharing those findings with Orlando's Chiropractor – Ashley Park Chiropractic.

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