Working from home is a big adjustment and many people find it difficult to stay productive. Sometimes, people just need a bit of time to get used to it and then they’re fine, but if you still can’t work well after months, you need to think about the reasons why.

Usually, people struggle with working at home because they get distracted by things. There are so many more distractions in the home than there are in the office and learning to avoid them is key to being productive. But what are the most common distractions when working from home?

Other Family Members 

The number one distraction when working from home has to be other family members, especially kids. This could be family members that are in the house with you but it could also be people calling you on the phone too. People tend to think that you are free during the day because you are working from home, so they don’t see it as an interruption in the same way as they would if you were in the office. If you’re struggling to work with kids in the house, these tips should help you out. Setting boundaries is the most important thing, so everybody understands that you are not to be disturbed during working hours unless absolutely necessary. 

Aches And Pains 

This is one that people don’t consider, but it makes a big difference. If you are more focused on that pain in your back or neck, you’re not concentrating on work. Usually, this comes down to a poor home office setup and if you find good office task chairs for sale and update your desk, you’ll notice a big difference. Having the right home office setup is crucial if you want to remain productive. 

Your Phone 

This should be an obvious one but people still fall into the trap of keeping their phone close by. Every time you get a notification, it takes your attention away from work and encourages you to procrastinate. Putting your phone in another room is the easiest way to avoid this but if you need it with you in case of emergencies, you should use a screen time app to prevent distractions. Your phone may already have it built into the settings or you can download one of these great apps. You can limit your screen time and block any distracting apps so you are still reachable in an emergency but your phone won’t take away from your work. 


Emails are a tricky one because reading and responding to emails is probably part of your job. However, people spend way more time than they need to on their endless pile of emails. So, you need to use folders to categorize emails so you can prioritize them. Spend some time first thing in the morning dealing with the important ones and then leave the rest until the end of the day, if they require an answer at all. 

If you can avoid these big distractions, you will find it a lot easier to stay productive when working from home. 

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