Although women can often do the same kind of workout as men, the results are often very different. When it comes to building strong muscles, men do seem to find it easier to bulk up, and women’s results are much smaller and take longer to achieve. The main reason behind this is testosterone. It is this hormone that helps hugely when it comes to muscle growth, and men have more of it naturally than women. Although you might consider asking what is testosterone replacement therapy if you’re a woman looking to build more muscles, this is really a medical technique used to balance hormones, not add more than there normally would be, and it’s usually directed at men. 

With this in mind, what other options are there for women to build strong muscle? Read on to find out; we’ve listed some ideas below.

Train With Heavy Weights 

In many cases, you will find that women train with lighter weights but for more reps. In order to build more muscle, it is often better to switch this around and train with heavier weights but reduce the number of reps you do with them. 

The reason behind this is that the body quite quickly becomes used to certain workout routines, and if you stick to lower weights, you’ll find that you don’t achieve great results – the body can lift these, and although there might be some resistance, it’s not enough to build muscle. When you use heavier weights – and you’re careful with them, of course – it will take longer to get used to them and therefore there is more chance to build muscle. 

Learn The Right Way 

Have you been doing the same exercises for some time now and not seen any kind of muscle building, even though they are the exact exercises someone else is doing and it’s working well for them? The problem might be that you only think you’re doing things the right way; it might be that you’ve got your technique wrong, but you haven’t realized it. 

This is why it’s better to learn the proper way to carry out specific exercises rather than just watching someone and attempting to replicate what they’re doing. What you do might look very similar, but the results can be very different without the proper technique. Speak to a personal trainer or watch explainer videos so you know exactly what to do, and the results should start coming. 

Sleep Well 

Did you know that getting the right amount of good sleep can make all the difference in your workout routine and can assist in building stronger muscles? That’s because the only time your muscles really have to recover after a workout is when you’re asleep, and it is during this recovery time that they grow stronger. 

If you’re not sleeping for long enough or deeply enough, this muscle building won’t happen, plus you’ll feel very sore the next day and won’t want to work out, meaning you lose additional chances to become stronger.

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