When it comes to kids and technology, it’s often in a negative context. Kids are having too much screen time or spending too long playing unsuitable games. However, technology, when used intelligently, can bring great benefits to your family.

Virtual Medical Appointments

How many times have you put off making a doctors appointment because you were too busy at work, or couldn’t get child care? The cost of not looking after yourself and missing something potentially serious could be huge. 

Fortunately, healthcare is at the forefront of utilising technology. Telemedicine is becoming more are more popular. Companies like VeeMed.com are making it much easier to schedule video appointments with doctors and monitor conditions remotely. 

Track Health Stats

An active family is a healthy family. There are many smartwatches and activity trackers that can monitor your movements, pulse and sleep patterns to give you an overall picture of your health. You’ll be able to see if you need to get more active, improve your diet or focus on the quality of your sleep. All these things are necessary for a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

Monitor Your Home

You can monitor the health and safety of your home right from your smartphone. The internet of things and smart speakers now run our homes. Security cameras and alarm systems can track movements and let you safely check areas of your home for intruders or damage. 

Smart alarm systems can also be used to alert you if a fire is detected or carbon monoxide levels are unsafe.  

Track Your Children

Getting separated from your child when you’re out of the house can be a traumatic experience, even if it’s just for a few minutes. There are now a number of ways that you could find out where your child is by having them wear a tracker or affixing one to their bag or clothing. If you get separated, then you can track them instantly on your smartphone. This is a great idea if your children are very young and don’t have a phone. 

Set Up A Virtual Command Centre

Running a family and household can be very complicated in today’s world. Many families have their own command centre at home, which is often a combination of calendars, whiteboards and schedules. It’s great for keeping track of school, appointments, meal planning and other activities. But a physical command centre is difficult to keep up to date. Going virtual means that schedules can be checked and appointments added in real-time. One of the most popular family apps is Picniic. You can schedule appointments, shopping lists, meal plans and store sensitive information and track your kids. 

Final Thoughts

When used in the right way, technology can be a great way to improve the safety and wellbeing of the entire family.  If it seems a bit overwhelming to you, start introducing elements of it into your life slowly. For example, buy a wireless doorbell or outdoor security camera and get used to being able to check who is at the door or keep a watch on your car.  Once you are comfortable, you can begin to explore other great options. 

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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