Merging PDF files means merging into one or sometimes multiple PDF documents. Another word for this feature is also known as PDF Combiner. A combination of two or more forms becomes a separate PDF document, which allows you to access more than one PDF file with a single report. Based on the requirements, users can also manage page orders for your PDF file using the GogoPDF Merge PDF tool.

The difference between this and the PDF merge platform is that the two or more PDF documents mix or converge into one while the PDF compress tool reduces the file size of the PDF document. You can also use the compress function if you want the document size to be smaller when you finish merging the PDF documents. GogoPDF can provide you these services free of charge, but you can also benefit from using the GogoPDF PRO premium account.

How to Use GogoPDF Online Tool to Merge PDF

In combining PDF files, go to the GogoPDF web page and select the merge PDF free. When you switch to the next section, a blue section merging function will appear on your screen along with instructions below. Choosing two or more PDF files to link is the first step of using a GogoPDF to merge.

Before merging your PDF documents, GogoPDF will always allow users to make some changes to the latest file. If you do not want to modify something else, you can press Merge or Combine, and all the documents you have chosen will be mixed using the PDF combiner or merge function.

The current merged document may be transferred to the device or smartphone if the merge process completes the process. You can also send or forward the combined material to the cloud, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Benefits of Merging PDF with GogoPDF

You can efficiently complete the combination using the GogoPDF merging method without waiting for an extended period. In their merger scheme, there is no need to worry regarding importing PDF documents as the protection matters to them as their client. One attribute is that it is a web-based PDF merger tool that can be used easily by any computer or smartphone.

Users will be able to use their resources via mobile, smart devices, and much more, whenever and wherever. Their PDF fusion feature is available not just for Mac and Windows, as well as for Linux operating systems as well.

With Subscription Against Without Subscription

While it is possible to combine or merge GogoPDF resources and other resources, access to additional services is limited. If you subscribe to the PRO package, you will be able to undertake more than one operation or as many as you want. Only restricted tasks and resources with a free account will be permitted to be used.

The PDF PRO subscription is available on a monthly or yearly basis. GogoPDF will give both PRO customers a free trial to remove or withdraw their subscription if they feel dissatisfied if an individual wishes to register. The cash will be offered a refund back to you within the free trial period upon discontinuance.

You'll be authorized to browse over 10 MB or higher to the acceptable file size for the PRO card. After each purchase, you will be capable of changing the name of a new PDF document or other files or use their services before exporting them to the system or machine.


Thanks to the online PDF tools and services, all operations are successfully done with only a few clicks. It was hard to do anything like transferring records into yet another format back then. Many are lucky enough to experience trouble-free procedures at this age.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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