There are currently several different types of construction projects underway in various phases of development throughout the Seattle area. A number of these projects are notable due to their sheer size, because they are adding something new to the area or due to ongoing construction plans that have run overschedule. The aggregate of these current construction initiatives can significantly improve the majority of the infrastructure in the Seattle area in the near future for the long-term.

Stone34 Office Building

This building will be recognized as the first structure that can be considered “Deep Green”, a rank that exceeds the LEED Platinum designation. The building is designed by Skanska, a leading international construction company that is based in Sweden. Constructing this building is the initial phase of Seattle’s pilot project, “Deep Green”. The Stone34 building will be constructed to consume 75 percent less energy than other comparable buildings. This building will serve as the headquarters for Brooks Sports Inc. Brook Sports Inc. was attracted to the building because of its outdoor seating, wide sidewalks, bike rails and close proximity to the Burke Gilman Trail. The Stone34 office building will serve as a model for future construction projects in the immediate area and throughout the region as well.

Fifth and Columbia Tower

The 660 foot high Fifth and Columbia Tower skyscraper located in Seattle’s downtown area has been awaiting construction for around five years. Stockbridge Capital Partners invested $400 million in the Seattle project. Developers announced that they will finally break ground in the fall of 2013, and the projected completion date is midway through 2016. This would be the tallest building constructed in the city over the past two decades. An unnamed hotel could possibly occupy 13 of the 43 stories in the Fifth and Columbia Tower in the near future. This tower will extend about 55 feet higher than the renowned Space Needle in Seattle. The new tower will only be shorter than three buildings throughout the entire Seattle metro area.

Seattle Public Utilities Facility

The initial ribbon ceremony was almost a year ago but an array of setbacks have delayed the official launch of the new Seattle Public Utilities’ South Transfer Station. The new station was built to replace the old disposal and recycling facility that was located in the South Park area. Once already constructed, the steel structure in the building had to be taken down in order to put up paint that was more durable. After the initial ribbon ceremony, officials also discovered that once the sprinkling system was installed, the docking and loading area for trucks had insufficient clearance as well. This project overran the time of completion deadline and the budget; the total cost will exceed $75 million. The Seattle Public Utilities expects the facility to open during the first quarter of 2013.

Surge in Home Construction

Residential construction activity should remain high throughout Seattle and the state of Washington for the near future as well. Builders in the state broke ground on 12.1 percent more homes in December 2012 than in November. The rate for December was almost twice as high as the recession low rates of April 2009. Builders will start working on around 780,000 homes for the 2013; this is a 28.1 percent increase in comparison to the rate in 2011. This is the highest rate of new residential construction in Washington in nearly five years.

[divider] This piece was created by Henry Wadsworth, a freelance author and blogger who concentrates on construction, city planning, architecture, home remodeling and renovation, and other similar topics. To learn more contact Houston Pavers.

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