Skin is an important part of the body and needs proper care to maintain its right composition and texture. ‘Beauty comes from inside‘is an age old saying and is relevant in modern world too. Ideal skin care is the first step toward beautification and maintenance of skin should be given adequate attention. The right food can make your skin glow while the junk food can lead to various types of chronic diseases.

Some food items, if consumed for a long interval of time, can cause acne, while others can cause wrinkles. Eczema and psoriasis is also caused by food. Hence your diet has many implications on your skin. Here are some food items which can ruin the texture of your skin:

Refined carbohydrates: Sweets cakes and other type of processed foods can cause skin acne. They also lack in fibers, vitamin B, iron and other nutrients, which are essentially needed by the skin and the body. They increase the production of androgen hormone, which in turn causes excess secretion of sebum from the sebaceous gland. The sebum blocks the skin pores which leads to acne production.

Sugar: Sugar has the most negative effect on human skin and body and therefore its consumption should be reduced. Excess sugar attaches itself with proteins by a process called glycosylation. Too much sugar attached to proteins and collagen results in skin issues. Undigested sugar is also harmful for the skin.

Salty food: Snacks are consumed by everyone. But if the salt level in the blood increases, the sodium level of the blood also increases. This causes skin problems. Excess of salt reduces the moisture of the skin. This causes loss of elasticity in the skin tissues and makes them swollen.

Fats: Increased fat consumption raises the sugar level in the blood. The increased sugar blocks the release of linoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid required for skin growth and repair. Increased sugar also reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. This has a very negative impact on blood circulation. Thus the tissues of your body do not receive adequate air and lose their lusture and glow.

Dairy products: Consumption of milk in excess increases the skin breakouts. The androgen hormones found in milk, when converted to dihydrotestosterone increase sebum production. Yogurt is one dairy product which is free from all these ill effects and can be consumed without having any skin implications.

Alcohol: An increase in alcohol consumption also leads to dehydration of the skin and you can have wrinkles on your face and skin if you consume alcohol regularly. Alcohol also causes skin inflammation by dilating the skin tissues.

Caffeine and Soda: Sodium bezonate, a soda constituent, causes skin rashes. The sugar found in soda and caffeine drinks can cause cutaneous problems. This can lead to acne and wrinkle formation. Increased caffeine usage increases stress, which makes your skin glow-less and lifeless.

About the author: Alia is a blogger by profession who doesn’t idolize anyone when it comes to styling. She frequently experiments with different eco-product(s) and handicraft(s).

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