Thanks to increased media attention and education everybody is aware of how important the need to cut down on air pollution is. Over the past few years, the public has become more aware of how serious this problem is. Because of this, more pressure has been put on businesses to use more environmentally friendly methods of production. This pressure is extensive as well. Companies know that if they purposely use harmful methods then they will be viewed in a bad light and their reputation will be diminished extensively. 

Thankfully because of the increased attention there has also been an increase in the number of different solutions that are available. It is likely that this is something that will only continue to grow too. As technologies advance and knowledge increases there will be more and more methods of controlling and reducing pollution. Nonetheless, one effective method that is available at the moment is dry scrubbing and this article will reveal more about it. 

There are various different types of scrubber systems available today. These are all different devices that control air pollution, with effective parts and a strong industrial shaft seal. They are utilized in order to get rid of some of the particulates and/or gases that occur in the exhaust streams that are used industrially. The very first scrubber system was actually manufactured in order to get rid of carbon dioxide from the air of an early submarine. Since then innovations and progressions have been occurring all of the time and there are now various scrubber systems available, with two of the most common being wet scrubbing and dry scrubbing. Nonetheless, they all have the purpose of controlling and reducing gaseous emissions. 

Dry scrubbing differs from wet scrubbing because it does not saturate gas stream the moisture is treating. In fact, as you may guess from the term ‘dry’, in some instances there is no use of moisture at all. Because of this, the main use and purpose of this scrubbing system is to remove acid gases. Examples of these include the likes of; sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride. This is typically when they are found within combustion sources. Thus you will frequently find these utilized in wastewater treatment plant operations when the need to get rid of odorous and corrosive gases.

There are lots of various types of dry scrubber systems available for businesses to utilize. Nevertheless, they all share a similar core design specification. This is the fact that they have two main devices. Firstly, there is a section that has the purpose of introducing the material of the acid gas sorbent into the actual gas stream. Secondly, there is a device that has the purpose of particulate matter control. This is used in order to remove any of the reaction parts evident. 

The importance of reducing air pollution cannot be stressed enough. Businesses need to uphold their responsibility to ensure they are doing their part to protect the planet. If you operate in an industry whereby dry scrubbing is relevant then this is definitely something you should consider implementing. Make sure you spend the time and the effort of finding a great company for the job too. 

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