As an employer, it’s your job to ensure that your team of workers are at the best they can be when at work. This can sometimes mean more than encouraging hard work and giving out praise. The truth is, everyone has a life outside of work and sometimes, even though employees' home life should stay outside of the office, issues and concerns can arise. As their leader you can give them support to help turn things around. How, we hear you ask? Check out these unconventional ways to help your employees so that business can resume as normal.

Give them compassionate leave

Nobody can predict when something is going to crop up in their lives such as the death of a loved one or a marriage breakdown, and when these things happen your employee will likely find it difficult to concentrate during work hours. While this is going to affect their work and the amount of work they can complete, it’s important to give them compassionate leave to not only grieve, but also to have enough time to sort their lives out.

Not only is this a kind thing to do, but showing compassion will also promote loyalty, meaning your employees will work hard knowing that if something does crop up, you’re not just going to turn a blind eye.

Provide support

You may have noticed that your employee has been distant, and their work hasn’t been up to their usual standards. As an employer, you should be looking out for signs of substance abuse that is not only affecting your staff member at work, but also their general health. While this is an extremely delicate subject, you need to address this for both the well being of your employee and your business. Provide support such as AA meetings or looking into Drug Program Qualifications so that your employee can get the help they need with the support of their boss.

Create a family friendly environment

Family commitments are something that everyone runs into from time to time and unfortunately, are completely avoidable. However, you can help your team of staff by providing a family friendly environment in the office. If possible, you could turn a spare office into a safe space for children and allow your team to bring them into work if absolutely necessary. Another alternative would be to allow paid leave for those with families or other helpful services such as child-care assistance, lactation support, concierge services, and bonding activities for families. Doing this will help your team effectively balance their work and family life.

Create a healthy life incentive

Finally, your team’s health is not only important for your business, but also for their general well-being. Providing an incentive to live a healthier life with rewards such as an extra paid annual leave or a bonus at the end of the year to lead a healthy lifestyle will help encourage your staff to eat well, drink less, and avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking.

Helping your employees with these unconventional methods will take you straight into the 21st century and create a working atmosphere that people will be honored to work in.

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