Is travelling with toddlers a good or a bad idea, generally speaking? In truth, anyone that offers a straight “yes” or “no” answer is lying to you as it depends entirely on so many different factors – most of which parents are in fact 100% in charge of.

There are certain rules we’ve learned over the years, of course. For one thing, toddlers tend to love travelling by train, though hate to be cooped up in a car for too long. They seem to have a natural penchant for camping, they love spending hours on the beach and can be transported to a world of fantasy by even the most modest of zoos and aquariums.

It would therefore seem that catering to the needs and the desired of a toddler would be…well, child’s play really, but it isn’t. Quite to the contrary in fact, as thousands of parents would testify having found that their child’s single most memorable experience from a sumptuous holiday to a paradise island was the colouring book they got when they checked-in at the airport. The truth is, they can make their own amazing fun out of the simplest of things, while some of the most seemingly obvious ways of building a memorable holiday fall flat.

Family-Friendly Holiday Resorts

Mercifully, there are thousands of hugely popular “family-friendly” resorts, holiday villages and general holiday options scattered all over the UK and the rest of the world that guarantee to deliver what it says on the tin, so to speak. Sadly, one of the first things most parents of toddlers will discover is that “family-friendly” does not for even a single second necessarily mean toddler-friendly. But then again, mull the idea over for a few minutes and you wouldn’t expect it to.

Think about it – how similar are the tastes, habits and needs of a three year old child and one of five? Exactly – they are literally like chalk and cheese, day and night or any other of the staple examples. This is precisely why the “family-friendly” moniker can be a rather dangerous thing to say the least, if it is interpreted in the wrong way by those booking the trip. After all, would you assume that “adult-friendly” meant that the needs of every single adult the world over would be catered for?

Top Tips For Toddler Travel

So, if looking to travel with toddlers there are a few reasonably simple tips to follow to at least stand a fighting chance of the endeavour going smoothly. Things like minimising journey times, ensuring there is a beach nearby and ideally finding somewhere with other toddlers of a similar age are paramount to say the least. Furthermore, conducting a search for the most toddler friendly cottages Cornwall has to offer rather than so-called “family” friendliness will return resorts and villages with amenities and services suited primarily to this age group.

Another rule cemented over the years is to largely go with the flow – as in if a toddler is having a great time playing for hours on a beach, don’t be tempted to make them hike three-miles south to go see an old church you’ve had your eye on, there will be tantrums. Or, if you really can’t resist, remember how bored you’d have been at their age and introduce a deal-sweetener – a toy, ice-cream or another reward for going along with you.

A holiday with a toddler – or any number thereof – will be as easy and enjoyable or nightmarish and stressful as you yourself make it – never take the “family-friendly” badge for granted.

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