You are in your 40s and looking for a new haircut?

Perfect, there is a lot of different things you can try. The time has changed and nowadays women in their 40s are not considered older like they were only a century ago. 

That was the reason why most of the women at that age had a similar haircut, luckily that time is behind us and there are plenty of things you can choose from depending on your hair texture and style.

Quality of hair in the 40s

Even though the 40s are known for being new 20s, sadly our hair will act a bit differently. No matter if you have 4c natural hair, straight or wavy, our hair usually changes its quality as time passes by.

It's no secret that hair losses its brightness, and don't appear smooth and shiny after we turn 40.

Still, with the right haircut, you have nothing to worry about. 

Ahead are the best haircuts for women in their 40s. Our goal was to show the hair that is professional and fashionable, bold and shaggy, chic, edgy but still sophisticated and sexy. 

#1 Chic Bob

Top 8 Haircut Ideas For Women In Their 40s 2

Bob is an evergreen hairstyle, that is ideal for women at any age.

This haircut works the best for women with oval and heart-shaped faces because all the attention goes to a slim jawline.

When it comes to length, bobs can be shorter or longer, but never too long. A shorter version of the bob, especially if you add some wisp layers to it will look both funky and stylish

It also looks good on different hair textures. You can wear it straight, curly wavy, or messy, everything will look good.

#2 Choppy Undercut Pixie

Top 8 Haircut Ideas For Women In Their 40s 3

If you are in your 40s it doesn't mean you can't be punk. Choppy undercut pixie is the way.

With length on top and short underlayers, you will be looking fierce and yet elegant.

Asymmetrical pixie cut does an excellent job of helping women with thin hair feel like their hair is thick and luscious.

You can also go for a longer tapered pixie, with longer face-framing pieces that will point out all the good features of your face.

#3 Curvy Layers

Top 8 Haircut Ideas For Women In Their 40s 4

Curvy layers are the perfect solution for medium and long haircuts. Layers create a beautiful S-shape that is super easy to style with a blow dryer.

If you don't like to spend too much time styling your hair, this is a perfect haircut for you because it won't take up too much of your time and you will look still look fashionable.

If you like to color your hair this haircut gives you a great opportunity to spice things up with different highlights.

#4 Choppy Layers

Top 8 Haircut Ideas For Women In Their 40s 5

This is a perfect hairstyle for thick and medium length hair. This cut gives your hair texture and movement. 

You can go for choppy layers even if your hair is curly, layers will provide you with volume and body at the top.

This haircut elongates a round face, on the other hand, a square face looks better when you add side bangs.

This is the kind of cut you don't have to style precisely so it's perfect for someone who doesn't want to spend a lot of time styling hair. Keep in mind, the choppier the better!

#5 Holywood Curls

This haircut is perfect if you want to achieve the “movie star” look.

Embrace your curls. No matter how old you are curls are always a good idea.

If your hair is naturally curly, your job is almost done, since you only need to style it. If not, don't worry this is a good fit for everyone.

Holywood curls large, soft, voluminous will make every woman look and feel like a goddess.

#6 Long Feathered Bangs

Top 8 Haircut Ideas For Women In Their 40s 6

Feathered bangs are a great choice because they not only look good but also they are easy to maintain.

This haircut always looks elegant and stylish and the best part is that they look good with different lengths and hair textures.

If your hair is medium length you can spice things up by adding feathered bangs your hairstyle will immediately look fresh. 

If your hair is curly there is no need to go for straight bangs. Feather bangs are a perfect fit for curly hair, it looks neat, and curls at the ends make you look Magnifique.

Feathered bangs are an excellent choice for thin hair. No matter how thin your hair is, feathered bangs will help your hair look thicker.

#7 Layered Shag Lob

Textured layers added on a soft shag lob look invisible but they give your hair body and movement when straightened, curled, or worn naturally.

This haircut is versatile meaning any hair texture can benefit from it. 

If you don't want you don't have to do anything with it and it will look good, on the other hand, if you like to invest in your hair, this cut is perfect for experimenting.

All in all this cut will make you look chic and sleek!

#8 Bowl Cut

Top 8 Haircut Ideas For Women In Their 40s 7

I'm not going to lie, the bowl cut is a bold haircut, but it's the haircut that turns heads.

Of course, we are talking about a modern version of a bowl cut not those who were popular back in the 80s.

This hair cut is not only low maintenance but there is also something liberating about showing your face to the world.

Adding wispy fringe to your bow hair cut will give you that feminine, elegant look you've been searching for.

Wrapping Up

Your 40s are the perfect time to explore new haircuts to express who you are! 

We are not talking about trends anymore and definitely not about adapting. 

Undercut Pixies and fabulous bobs say hello. Don't be afraid to cut your hair, try something new, and embrace this next stage of your fashion life.

However, if you don't like short hair, curvy and choppy layers are something you can go for. Remember, locks are not only for girls in their 20s, you can still rock them!

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