Your employees are easier to look after when they’re in the workplace, but what about outside. We’ve seen from recent situations like the Covid-19 virus that many businesses have had to adapt and have staff work from the comforts of their own homes. So here are some tips to keep your employees safe outside of the workplace.

Provide Them With The Right Equipment

The right equipment is important to provide your staff wherever they may be working from. Whether that’s from a hotel room during a work trip or at home in their own home office. Not everyone working from home will have the ability to work at a desk, and so it’s important to provide what you can as a business. It’s your responsibility to make them as comfortable as possible. It’s also important to remember that your staff may be limited to the work they can do when they’re outside of the workplace. There could be certain tasks that are more challenging, and so there needs to be a degree of flexibility when your staff is outside of the office or working space. Whether it’s a work laptop, phone, or additional accessories to provide support and comfort, make sure you’re providing everything needed.

Use Technology 

Technology is something that is certainly changing the way we live our lives both in business and in our personal lives. We can now do so much more than we could do before and that includes looking after your staff. If you have employees who do a lot of driving as part of their job, there are devices like tachograph, which can help keep a close eye on what they’re doing. Whether it’s the activity of the driver and how much driving they’re doing, to the actual state of the vehicle they’re in, it’s all handy to have available. This data can be good to help improve various elements when it comes to your staff operating outside of the workplace confinements.

Have A Work Schedule

A work schedule is good to have when you have staff members that might be attending work trips like conferences and networking events. It’s important to acknowledge that even though the staff are on a work trip, there are limits to how many hours they should be working. Any time that is classed as overtime should be rewarded back to the staff member in the form of extra pay or annual leave. 

Keep Up With Communication

Keeping up with the communication of your staff members when they’re outside of the workplace is important. This can help improve productivity and to keep up with management when it comes to those in senior positions. It’s obviously not the same as them being in the office, but communication is still important to continue regardless. Make sure it’s also done to check in on the staff’s wellbeing too, especially if they’re away from the office for a long period of time.

Your responsibility to your staff exists not only inside but also outside of the workplace, so use these tips to look after them.

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