Three Smart Tips For New Social Media Users 1Social media is all the rage these days and it’s been a boon to web professionals everywhere including web designers, freelance writers, bloggers, SEO consultants and the like.

What is it about social media that has made it such a HUGE part of everyone’s marketing portfolio? Fact is that at the core of social media is a need to connect and share. As human beings this is a central and crucial need. It was only a matter of time before social networks became a household name and for online business users – a marketing phenomenon.

If you recently took up social media for your blog or business, let’s take a look at three quick and smart tips for new users.

1. Share Freely and Regularly – if you want to be a good standing member in any social network – be it Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus the one thing I would most advise a new social media user is to share, share and share. Follow those you genuinely like and consider good sources of information, entertainment, tips, etc and share freely whenever you can. And don’t be shy about letting another user know that you tweeted, LIKED or PLUSED something. As you may or may not know there are ways to “tag” someone to let them know they were mentioned. In time and as you become skilled in using social media you will in turn become a resource yourself and someone that other people look to for tips and advice. Keep this in mind and know that someday newbies will be coming to you on how best to use social media. But for now, the golden rule is? Share, share and share.

2. Busy? Cherry Pick Your Social Network – we admit that running any sort of social media campaign is daunting and can become very time consuming. With this in mind, we advise to choose just one of the BIG three in social media which is: Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook. Choose the one you most enjoy using and would like to become more involved with and give it your all. Follow, share, learn, keep up with the trends and changes and master your chosen social network. In time, you will become a dominant player and member within your own right.

3. Learn The Tips of The Trade – if you really want to master social media, then study the trade. As in follow those with good tips on the subject and subscribe to blogs that deliver the goods on best practices within social media. Some of these sites include Problogger, Social Media Explorer, Chris Brogan and others. All of the BIG THREE social networks implement a surprising amount of changes on a regular basis. But to stay current and learn how best to use social media we need to stay on our toes and keep up with the never ending surprises.

What did we miss? Share below your BEST tip for a new social media user. Pretend your next door neighbor – who runs an auto shop – just signed up for Facebook. What advice do you have for him.

This guest contribution comes from Missy Diaz who writes for several web clients including Paul, a cheap car hire service in the UK.

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  • Great post Missy, thanks. I would also add to be social – talk with others. @reply/wall post, answer questions, ask questions. Don’t just treat it as a one way information stream…it’s more than that!

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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