Owning a gun is one of those subjects that is best avoided at dinner parties. There is much debate, discussion and anger around Second Amendment rights in the USA right now, particularly following the hostile political climate that has grown over the past few years. 

While many people own guns for perfectly reasonable purposes, others use them for harm. This has, inevitably, created tension around the subject of gun ownership in the US. Whatever your stance on the issue, we can all agree that owning a gun requires careful consideration and understanding from all involved. 

If you have never had a gun before but are considering buying one, this article is for you! Read on to find out five key things you need to know before buying a gun. Let’s get started.

  1. State Gun Laws Are Changing

The first thing to note is a practical point: state gun laws are changing. While second amendment rights still firmly stand in many states, the ins and outs of firearm laws are complex. If you are thinking of buying a gun in your state, make sure to read up on state gun crime laws in order to fully comprehend your responsibilities as a gun owner in the state.

These laws might include restrictions on:

  • How many guns you can own.
  • The type of firearm you are allowed to own without a license.
  • How your firearm is kept in your home or on your property. This could include needing a locked gun cabinet, for example.
  • Owning a gun with children in your home.
  • The number of bullets you can buy at a time.

If you are found to be going against state gun laws, you can face serious consequences from authorities. Make sure to know your state gun crime laws before you purchase a gun.

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  1. Prepare For Questions From Your Loved Ones

As mentioned in the introduction, guns are a point of contention between close friends and family. In today’s political climate, gun crime is a subject that comes up again between political parties and ideologies. Many people believe that guns should not be allowed, while others advocate for total gun freedom.

If you are going to buy a gun, be prepared for questions and concerns from your loved ones and social circle. It is fine to agree to disagree, but people’s strong opinions around the subject of guns means that you must be careful how you approach the subject with those close to you. Make sure to be sensitive to their concerns, even if you stand by your opinion and they stand by theirs.

  1. Gun Safety Should Be Your Ultimate Priority

The gun crime statistics in the USA are some of the highest in the world. It is clear that gun owners need to take more responsibility over how their firearm is used and kept in their home. Your life is your business, but when it affects the safety of others, it is more than just a personal choice to have a gun. 

When purchasing a firearm, speak with the representatives in store about the safety of your gun. Ensure you fully understand how to leave the gun in safe mode and how to store it with the utmost caution. In addition, make sure you have practised at a shooting range and are confident in handling the firearm before you take one home. It should go without saying that a gun is not a toy, but a weapon that can accidentally harm, or even kill, somebody if used wrongly.

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  1. Consider Whether Owning A Gun Is Necessary

Ultimately the choice is yours as to whether you want, or need, a gun. However, it is important to take a long look at this choice and decide whether owning a gun is necessary for your life and purpose. Ask yourself why you want to buy a gun, and if this step is a necessary course of action rather than a reaction to fear or paranoia. 

Some reasons people might have for owning a gun are:

  • Hunting. This is a legitimate reason to own a gun that many people cite when purchasing a firearm. 
  • Property protection. Those who live in areas with high gun crime sometimes feel it necessary to arm themselves too. Even if they have no intention of using the weapon unless in self defence, many feel more comfortable having the gun in their home, just in case.
  • Criminal activity. This is of course an illegitimate reason to own a gun, however, it is often sadly the case.
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  1. Buy The Gun That Suits Your Needs

When it comes to the type of gun you wish to own, there are so many different kinds to choose from. The size of the gun, its range, firing capabilities and bullet capacity will all play a role in helping you decide which type of gun you want to buy.

The bottom line, however, is that you should choose a gun that suits your needs. If you are searching for a firearm that will enhance your hunting capabilities, you should consult a hunting rifle specialist. The type of animal you are hunting and the terrain covered will play a part in deciding what type of gun is best for you.

Likewise, owning a gun for personal protection requires a different approach to a hunting firearm. A personal protection firearm should not be large or highly powerful; after all, it only exists in case the worst case scenario plays out. 

Ultimately, choosing the right gun for you should be a process that focuses on practicality, not ego or whim. Discuss this further with a firearm specialist if you are considering buying a gun for the first time. While huge, powerful guns might look cool and seem enthralling, the level of responsibility and expertise required to own one of these firearms is vast. Make sure you are fully prepared to own and operate such a firearm if you intend to purchase one.

Whatever your views on gun ownership, ensure you conduct extensive research before you purchase your first gun.

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