We live in a very connected and open world. It used to be difficult to even hear news about the other side of the globe in a timely manner but now you can find anything out instantly and with ease. That brings with it a chance to gamble online as well, exploring all sorts of venues that you might have been too hesitant to explore beforehand.

Keep in mind that online gambling, same as with other types of gambling, can have problems associated with it and generally have people try to cheat in them. However, online gambling tends to be safer and easier. Most countries have made online gambling so easy and generous, in fact, that most don’t want to cheat. Just look at these uk online casino bonuses and you’ll see what I mean.

Online Casino Cheats that Worked

You might not be surprised to find that online gambling is much safer since there are much fewer ways to cheat. Card counting is all but impossible. Virtual sleeves cannot hold cards. You can't very well bribe an AI dealer, even if you were so inclined. All the many previous ways people have found to cheat before were eliminated thanks to the casinos of the internet.

Largely, this is thanks to a few key features. First of all, online casinos do not allow you to change your bets randomly and at the last second, to put people off. Second of all, the RNG (random number generator) associated with the cards being played tends to only be engaged as betting is concludes, in modern online casinos. Finally, the possible exploiting of bugs in the software is actively monitored and patched right away.  Now let’s look at some examples of the few times someone managed to game the system:

Casinos Cheating Players

This is the first and usually major concern for most people who consider signing up to gamble online. Will the casino cheat you? It’s not an insane concern, but by and large, it’s unwarranted. The few times anything even remotely like criminal cheating of people happened, authorities stepped in swiftly. Gambling is regulated with a firm hand in most countries, with true care given to protecting the rights of people enjoying themselves.

Even when things are much less dire and there’s just concerns over protocol, the government will still step in. Even a casino that does cheat its players and gets away with it initially will get a black mark on its reputation and be discounted by any and all reputable sources. This is why the only real concern you need to have is picking a casino that’s trustworthy and you have confirmation of, from other sources.


The latest and most problematic way of cheating is for online casino goers to use these automated programs, called bots colloquially, to cheat. They play in the person’s stead and in a pre-programmed way that’s optimal. Not unbeatable or even that amazing, but optimal enough to minimize losses. While this isn’t a horrific abuse of software, it still raises red flags and casinos react very promptly.

People doing this or even pooling information in an organized fashion in order to cheat and win are reprimanded or even persecuted in the court of law. Furthermore, any major casinos with a proven track record tend to refund every cent lost to the machinations of these kinds of “players”. It’s a constant war between better bots and better detection, that detection is winning handily thus far.

Early RNG Abusers

In the earliest days of online poker, back when it was on a dial-up connection and had to be limited due to that, people found a way to game the system. Unlike today’s methods where the RNG distribution of decks is completely random and infinite, based on millions if not billions of possibilities, back then, there were about 100 to 200 thousand different types of decks available to the AI.

People would band together and determine what decks were dealt if they could pool enough resources to figure out which deck 4 people at the table had. This exploit lasted only a few months, but it managed to get the cheaters using it a tidy profit, all things told.

Administrative Cheating

This scandal happened due to someone abusing the power they had at the casino. Namely, a man who had an administrator account used his ability to see other people's hands and thus play absolutely perfect poker. He was caught by the other players since they figured no one could play that well without something being wrong.

Just like physical gambling, if someone within the casino games the system, they could have success. This incident, however, has made it so that online casinos have a much stricter level of oversight now, causing this form of cheating to be nearly impossible.


I hope this article has made you aware of the possible dangers in online gambling, but more to the point showed you how safe it truly is. Hopefully, you're now at ease and can enjoy your time with more zest.

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