Did you know that Instagram is a good tool in digital marketing? Instagram is a good online marketing tool and like other social media, the number of followers is important. A large number of followers contribute with a lot of relevance in our social networks. However, we must first assess the quality of these followers to see if their impact is effective enough. Not in vain, there are many influencers who have thousands of followers, but many of them are bots, fake profiles or inactive accounts. Nowadays what matters is having real followers. Fortunately, today we can get free Instagram followers, something we will discuss below. 

The quality of Instagram followers

Followers are much more than a number. The most effective assessment we should make of them is of a qualitative nature. This means that the quality of these followers will be measured based on their active attitude on the social network. In short, they would be the true followers, those who respond, share, read the content and participate in general in publications.

How can we define, therefore, a good follower or true follower within a social network? Well, in general, it has the following characteristics: 

The importance of real followers and their impact on social networks 1

– Active user that you log into your account with some regularity
– Interact frequently by commenting, liking and sharing content
– Follow a limited number of accounts without saturating your feed with excess content

The importance of real followers to brands

A study ensures that those influencers who have between 50,000 and 100,000 20% followers have false followers. Or what is the same, one in five followers does not exist. The important thing for brands is that influencers have real followers and that they are valuable. An account full of fake profiles only leads to an unreal and distorted situation that does not benefit the promotion in any way, since in reality it will not be reaching a real and potentially consuming social media audience. The multinational Unilever, which brings together brands such as Ax, Dove, Rexona or Timotei, already announced at the beginning of last summer to stop working with influencers who buy followers. An unprecedented advance to date, as brands have now rewarded the number of followers on an account without assessing its origin.

In other words, real followers tend to be valued and fake followers are worthless. But how can we have real followers and lots of them without buying? We recommend you to use GetInsta. This is an application that allows its users to exchange follows and likes, with “coin mediation”. Coins are obtained by users when they follow and like the accounts of other users. With this kind of interaction model, GetInsta can ensure that all likes and follows are actually generated from real people. 

You can get your followers and likes easily. Just sign up/log into the app and get your followers and likes. You can also get 50 free Instagram followers instantly! GetInsta is supported by 24/7 full service provided by an experienced team. No need to pay to get followers and likes, this Instagram followers app deserves to be considered by anyone who is really serious about using Instagram as a marketing medium. Finally, I hope that by reading this article you can get benefits. Just try and get your real Instagram followers and likes.

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