When people hear the word ‘hygge,' they usually think about the characteristics of Danish culture: cozy, comfy, and peaceful. While there's some truth to that, this Danish concept isn't actually about choosing special activities to engage with. It's a way of life. It's more of creating meaningful and pleasurable moments out of the ordinary. Others even consider hygge to be a philosophy and a mindset.

Hygge is associated with increased feelings of happiness. Individuals practicing this concept can experience benefits in their relationships and physical and emotional health. It can help boost intimacy and trust, improve sleep and overall self-care, and promote a greater sense of self-worth and mindfulness. If these sound amazing to you, we've listed a few steps on how to bring more hygge into your life.

1. Do not multitask

If you're an avid multi-tasker, this is the time for you to stop. Hygge is about savoring each moment and not trying to get everything done at once. If you're watching your favorite TV show, avoid checking your phone. If you're writing or reading, don't use the TV as your background radio. If you have a roommate, you might have a habit of having small conversations while you two are washing the dishes or cleaning.

This might seem fine, but if you're looking to deepen your talks and relationship, it's best to embrace the time with your friend. A big part of hygge's appeal is focusing on things you do, especially ones that give you value and happiness.

2. Create a cozy spot

Hygge is a popular concept used in interior design. Now, you don't have to be a professional to recreate this Danish concept into your home. Start with a simple nook. Craft a cozy space where you can enjoy your coffee, write in your journal, read a book, or have your quiet time. You can bring in rich textures, candlelight, and nature. Vintage and rustic items are also adorned in Danish interiors. You can use a warm ceramic cup, set a wooden table and chairs, and bring some twigs and leaves for decor.

A worn-in leather chair and old lamps are also cozy additions. If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, the area is the best choice for your hygge cost spot. Lastly, don't forget the soft furnishings. Place some extra cushions like throws or blankets in the space. Aside from comfort and warmth, hygge is also about bringing functionality and simplicity into your home. For such a reason, be sure to keep it cozy and minimalistic and not accessorize the space too much.

3. Give yourself treat

Another essential part of incorporating hygge into your life is indulging yourself. During wintertime or cold months, prepare some sweet treats that you can enjoy. Look for healthy fats that you can add to your diet. Still, if you're craving comforting sweets or extra rib-sticking fat, it's really fine to enjoy some. If you really want to go more hygge, the best options include a bowl of popcorn, grilled cheese with soup, fresh-baked bread, and warm stew.

As for the sweets, you can eat cookies or cakes. Also, don't forget a warm drink for the cold winter nights. Hot chocolate and tea are fantastic choices. If you love your alcohol, you can enjoy a glass of whiskey or red wine while sitting in front of your fireplace.

4. Have a spa-style bathroom

The living room is usually the first area people bring in the hygge. But your bathroom requires such changes too. Bathrooms are perfect areas for rejuvenation and relaxation. The simplest way to create a spa-like bathroom is to have clean countertops, neutral calming colors, and soft dim lighting. You can add extra tranquility to the space by having some candles and relaxing music inside.

As for your bathing products, opt for organic options. Treat yourself with natural anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner that's not only healthy for you but isn't harmful to the environment too. You can also get bath bombs made from natural ingredients and salt scrubs. Other products for spa treatment include skin-softening facial masks, aromatic bath and essential oils, and plush towels and robes.

Rather than things, hygge is about experience and atmosphere. It's about choosing what or who to spend your time and surround yourself with. Remember that these are only general tips. Take time to reflect on what and who really makes you feel calm and safe. By successfully experiencing hygge, you can boost your emotional wellbeing with ease.

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