The current state of the movie industry may be a bleak one depending on where the point of view is being taken from and what country is being looked at. As of now, there dozens upon dozens of remakes of older films being green lit by studio executives and dozens more that are nothing but cash cows. Some of these remakes are seen as pointless due to the fact that the originals are already as good as they can be and that there is nothing more that can be done to improve these films. The “cash cow” films on the other hand add nothing consequential to the movie industry and even lack the passion in film making. Are some of the Hollywood writers really losing their edge in creating original and noteworthy films? While there have been some released films that have shown movie connoisseurs a glimmer of hope, they are still few and far in between.

While it is understandable for studios to focus on making money as the film industry is a business, a billion dollar business in fact. By forgetting the heart of the story along with the complexity of film making and opting to go for the flavor of the month cliché, filmmakers can ensure that their creations will surely be lacking an important aspect of any film, originality. Critics have pointed out that some of the newer films today cannot compare to the films of yesteryear. They lack the finesse and passion, as they seem to have been pushed out onto the silver screen without considering the details thoroughly.

Fortunately, not all is lost for the quality of films. Independent film making is currently on the rise and is able to inject its brand of sometimes quirky originality into the artistically weakened world of films. Well-known and highly respected directors are able to continuously tap into undiscovered elements of film to give audiences new memories to remember. Actually, while the film industry did suffer from an artistic drought these last few years it has still shown some improvements. Future film classics are being produced by top quality directors and producers that have an eye for greatness. Up and coming thespian legends are being given roles that are not only pushing their skills in their craft but also audiences suspension of disbelief. As long as directors, producer, writers, and actors, and the other main components of the film industry handle their craft with care then the future of the industry will still be a bright one. The problems involving half-baked movies will hopefully be remedied in time as they will only cause the industry duress.

There is nothing wrong with using films as tool for profit but it should never be forgotten that films were originally supposed to stand as pieces of art before they became very popular. Remembering this is essential if the industry is to improve as it moves forward. Young filmmakers, writers, and actors are now taking control and with the current renaissance of art in films, the future is looking very bright for audiences and artists.

Entertainment news stories are often stereotyped as news accounts that do not have factual basis; and Loraine Reppert is gradually changing that connotation. Loraine has a degree in Communications from a Boston university where she graduated top of her class. She has written many articles about Hollywood celebrities and big wigs including Edward Bass producer.

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