Sometimes the way we start out day can have a huge impact on how we approach the rest of it. There is no denying that what happens in those minutes and hours before heading into work or officially beginning your day when you leave the house can mentally affect the way you feel moving forward. For example, if you were to stump your toe on a corner edge of the drawers this morning, and prance around in pain cursing yourself, then you may find that the vibration and frequency you have set will continue in that way. You may then realise you have ran out of coffee when you go to make it. You might bang your head, forget something as you leave the house, or simply feel a little more negative.

However, start your day positively, and even if the incident of stumping your toe happens you don’t let it affect you negatively, can mean that you approach the day differently. It is all about mental attitude and mindset, and so are there things that you can do that will have a positive effect on your day? The answer is yes. The way you start your day will significantly impact the rest of it, fact! So here are some of the best ways that you can start your day in order to have a positive and more productive one.

Wake up earlier

Waking up earlier can have a real positive influence on your day. You may wonder how, after all, wreaking up earlier means less sleep. But, if you have focused on quality of sleep, rather than the amount that you get, then waking up earlier won’t cause you any issues at all. In fact, even just half an hour can give you time in your day that you crave, and enable you to start the day exactly how you want to. What you choose to do with the extra time is up to you, but make the most of it so that you can leave your house feeling like you have accomplished something. Again this can help towards having the right mental attitude and mindset for the rest of the day.


Not all of us have an appetite first thing in the morning, but it is important for you to have a nutritious and healthy breakfast. Getting up earlier may enable you to get to the stage where eating is something that you want to do because you have been awake for longer. It can be a simple smoothie that you mix up with yoghurt and fruit. It might be cereal and toast, or even something more elaborate like avocado and scrambled eggs. Making breakfast and enjoying it can feel like a luxury, and to start your day in that way gives you energy and fuel for your body to function for the rest of it.


Many people love a cup of coffee in the morning, and often this can be rushed as you are getting yourself ready or even having it on the go as you run out the door. Taking time to enjoy that coffee in the morning could help you to calm your mind and start to think about the day ahead. You could use the coffee drinking time as a chance to write a list of things that need to be done, read your emails, or journal. Do what will be beneficial in this time, but don’t drink your first coffee on the go. Enjoy the moment.

The news
Whether you are a business owner, work in a specific field, or just like to be up to date, reading the news in the morning can set you up to feel more informed about world events and also be aware of changing trends when it comes to the business that you work in. A chance to read the headlines on your phone, check out the news app, or even read the paper can be a great way to start you day and leave you feeling more aware of what is going on. You could even use your devices in the home to listen to headlines and business trends, for example, using your Amazon Alexa device to tell you the latest headlines. You could also program updates where you here specific things. If you try this out you could ask your device to tell you things about internet marketing trends, which could prove useful in terms of your business day ahead and any decisions that you need to make.

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What you listen to can also have a huge impact on how you start your day, so it may be time to start listening to some podcasts. These can be amazing in terms of confidence and business, there are politically focused ones, or shows dedicated to mental health. There is something for everyone, and you are bound to find something that you get a lot out of. You can listen to them as you get ready for work in the morning, as you get up, or even on your commute into the office.


Exercising is a great way to start your day. It gets the blood pumping, your heart racing and enables you to feel the buzz of endorphins. It can also give you a great source of energy for the rest of the day. Getting your exercise done in the morning also takes any pressure off being active for the rest of the day. You could use the time you get up earlier to sneak in a quick run or home workout.


Meditation isn’t for everyone, but it can be hugely beneficial for people who have a busy mind and can’t seem to relax. While you may associate it with the evening, it can also be a great way to start your day. Relaxing your mind enables you to think a little clearer.

Let’s hope that this has given you something to think about when it comes to how you start your day.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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