One of the best things about attending a state fair is visiting the various booths. A large state fair may have dozens of booths for people to stop at. The following are a few of the best booths to visit at state fairs.

The Ring Toss Booth

This booth provides patrons of the state fair with a seemingly easy challenge. In the booth there are usually twenty to thirty 2-liter plastic pop bottles standing together in a group. A person gets six small plastic rings. He or she must toss a ring around as many bottle tops as possible. If a player manages to land all six rings, he or she will win a large stuffed animal. Landing three rings around bottle tops may get a player a small stuffed animal or a poster. Any fewer than three and the person won't get a prize. The rules and prizes vary with different state fairs.

The Goldfish Bowl Booth

Through the years this has been a popular booth at many state fairs. The game is simple. There are several small goldfish bowls (with a goldfish in each) lined up against a wall of the booth. A player pays a couple dollars and gets five or six ping pong balls. The object of the game is to throw a ping pong ball so it lands in one of the fish bowls. If one lands in a fish bowl, the person wins a goldfish. The aspect that makes this game challenging is the ping pong balls. If they are thrown too hard, they tend to bounce off the tops of the bowls. But this is a fun game and gives a goldfish a new home.

The Balloon Popping Booth

This booth at a state fair often attracts a steady crowd of visitors. The game involves using darts to pop balloons that are attached to the back wall of the booth. The prizes are usually hung around the sides of the booth. Some examples of prizes include stuffed animals, posters, and small dolls. At first glance the game seems to be a simple one. A player must throw the dart with force and aim it right at a big group of balloons in order to pop one. A person has to break three or more balloons to be able to choose a prize.

The Clown Face Booth

In this booth a visitor will see four clown faces hanging against the back wall. The clowns have big smiles and bright red noses. There are long water guns attached to the counter at the front of the booth. Also, there are four race cars (each with its own short track) above the heads of the clowns. A player must aim his or her water gun at the mouth of a clown to make a race car move down the track. The harder and steadier the stream, the faster a player's car will move. The person with the fastest car gets a stuffed animal or poster as a prize!

The Milk Bottle Booth

In this booth there are several old-fashioned milk bottles arranged in a line along a wall of the booth. A player gets six baseballs and tries to throw the balls into the milk bottles. To win this game, a player must have a steady hand and an accurate throw.

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