Wedding receptions in Los Angeles are seldom modest. However, lots of people have had to be careful of their budgets, when planning their recent wedding. Planning modest wedding receptions in the Los Angeles area need not be difficult. The following tips are intended to help you to keep costs to a minimum, without sacrificing style and elegance.

Although keeping a close eye on the guest list is an important consideration, it is just one way of keeping costs manageable. The venue for the event is also worth some careful considering if you are looking to save money, where you can. Remember that wedding food is not necessarily all about silver service dining.

Budget Wedding Receptions Los Angeles

  1. One choice is to hold the reception at the same venue as you have your wedding ceremony. Many great venues, in and around Los Angeles are offering this as a service. This can save money and is convenient for guests. Some may wish to stay overnight for example after eating and drinking their fill.
  2. Alternatively, choose a location that costs nothing. Friends or relations may have beautifully landscaped gardens which are just perfect, for holding a wedding garden party. This is of course only a good idea in the summer.
  3. If you are planning a church service, check to see if there is also a reception area for hire.
  4. Wedding videography can be done by your friend or acquaintance who knows how to handle the camera – this way you will not get a professional video, but there will be something for your children.

Budget Wedding Food

The food budget is largely affected by how many guests are going to be invited. Yet the time of day you decide on for having your wedding will also affect the costs. For example, a morning wedding may be followed by a light lunch or brunch menu. This is going to be less expensive than serving dinner.

The Benefits of Planning a Modest Wedding Reception 1

Reception Brunch Ideas

  • Fresh fruit and yogurt.
  • Pancakes and waffles.
  • Croissants with jam, honey, and butter.
  • Fruit juice.
  • Bagels with creamy cheese.
  • Tea, coffee, and orange juice.

Reception Buffet Lunch Ideas

  • Cold meats, bread, and a variety of different salads: pasta, rice, leaf.
  • Fruit juices, coffee, tea, and mineral waters.
  • A selection of cheeses with biscuits.
  • Cream cakes or gateaux.

The Self-service Buffet Dinner

  • Shrimp cocktail.
  • Tortilla chips with a variety of different dips.
  • Pasta dishes both meat and vegetarian.
  • Healthy mixed salad with French bread and butter.
  • Lemon Torte with cream.

Having a buffet wedding meal may not be the choice for everyone. It is however a great way to save some cash. The benefits to the guests are that they can choose from a wide variety of foods, instead of just one or two silver service menu options.

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