When we are running a conventional business, sometimes, things are far simpler and can be a bit more “black and white.” But when we are running a business that deals in human emotions, sometimes the human factor can override it completely. A perfect example is the funeral business. Running a funeral business is one of those things that can become overwhelming because we start investing ourselves into every single person who has lost a loved one. And while the fact is that we are running a business, there are some mistakes we are all prone to making. 

Not Making Life Easier for Ourselves

Running any type of efficient business is about streamlining components. We want to give our best to people, and when someone is in the throes of grief, we have to display a very specific level of empathy and tact. This means that it could be to the detriment of the business. It is important to focus on business efficiency in the right ways to make sure you can give yourself over to the customer, whether this is making sure your funeral home supplies are streamlined or having the right software program to make the process far easier for yourselves and clients. Because if the volume of the business increases, you need to learn how to run the company in a more efficient way. 

Not Saying “No”

Running a funeral home is, in many ways, about being a people pleaser. Ultimately, we want to make people as happy as possible, regardless of the situation. But when we start to become people-pleasers, we give so much of ourselves to customers and clients, when we find someone that we cannot “help,” we feel we have let them (and us) down. This means that sometimes when people come to you asking for a full service for the price of a cremation or asking for delayed payments, we can't promise the earth. However, we can refer them to local lenders, or provide a specific plan that meets their financial needs. We have to remember that sometimes, we have to say “no.” This is hard, but it is important to set clear values for your business

Remember That People Can Hold a Grudge (but Don't Let it Bother You) 

Every business comes into conflict with a customer now and again. When you are dealing in the business of funerals, it's important to remember that people's emotions are heightened and there will be times when you cannot please everyone, but some people may take it upon themselves to send very strongly worded emails because of a small error that you made, or was something beyond your control. The big problem is that when they try to make it personal and have made the assumption that you have ruined their lives over the last couple of months. But the reality is that most people will be kind to you, and this is all that matters.

It is not about making sales, but about creating an experience to celebrate someone's life. However, we are all prone to certain mistakes. To err is human, and we need to be aware of the big ones.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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