Babies look so cute in Halloween costumes, but buying them year after year can get costly, especially as babies outgrow their costumes quickly. In fact, parents spend a whopping one billion dollars in the US on Halloween costumes.  Here are ten cheap costume ideas for your baby.

1      Bunny and Kitty Costumes

Feety sleepers and some makeup for nose and whiskers, combined with an appropriate set of headband ears, and voila! There’s an instant bunny or kitty costume for your child.

2      Ghost

A couple of convenient snips and some creative fabric arrangement is always an easy-to-do Halloween classic. Rather than wasting a sheet, consider a pillow case if your child is really small.

3      Dalmatian

Simillar to bunny or kitty, this takes the costume to the next level. Simply purchase doggie ears and make some nose makeup, glue or stitch black ‘spots’ to a white sleeper to make a cute Dalmatian puppy. To complete the effect, get 100 of your closest friends to make the same costume for their children.

4      Bunch of Grapes

Take a purple sleeper and CAREFULLY pin purple balloons all over, keeping in mind what might happen if one pops. Under inflate the balloons to make sure they are less pop-able.

5      Pumpkin

While this can be done with a sleeper or other orange baby garment and a felt tip marker to make a jack o’ lantern’s grimace, it can also be done with a newspaper stuffed leaf bag – some come pre-printed with the face already on them.

6      Pirate

Dressing the child in a sleeper, tie a bandana on the baby’s head knotting it on the side then using crème makeup create an eye patch and beard. It is a quick and easy baby costume.

7      Ballerina

This is a cute outfit for a girl, and should cost less than ten dollars. Get a pink onesie and some tights, and then purchase a pink no-sew tutu from your local craft store. Easy, quick and cheap Halloween costume and a fun accessory for dress up.

8      Football

Get dad or mom to dress up in their favorite football team’s jersey, and dress up the baby in a brown onsie, with strips drawn on the onsie to resemble a football. Use brown face paint to complete the look. Just remember, no spiking the ball!

9      Scuba Diver

Shorts and a t-shirt, combined with some empty two liter pop bottles and some craft foam flippers make for a cute scuba diver outfit. Complete the ensemble with a pair of swim goggles!

10   Lamp

Arguably the cheapest costume in this list, the lamp is simply a black onesie or t-shirt, combined with a lamp shade of your choice. Don the lamp shade when you walk up to the door and watch everyone’s eyes light up!

It does not take much to make an inexpensive Halloween costume, especially for a baby. While shopping at a thrift store might be an obvious solution to find a cheap costume, with a little imagination, one can use things already lying about the house for a great Halloween costume that can be used quickly and cheaply.

Drew Hendricks

Drew Hendricks is a tech, social media and environmental addict. He's written for many major publishers such as National Geographic and Technorati.

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Drew Hendricks

Drew Hendricks is a tech, social media and environmental addict. He's written for many major publishers such as National Geographic and Technorati.

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