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The History of Open Source Software [infographic]

We can blame it on Linus Torvalds - his release of an OS kernel called Linux in...

Open Source Software Is the Better Option for Cloud Computing

“The cloud might be a deal breaker for many software companies, either from a licensing standpoint or because their software is not extensible.” We sat down with Emmanuel Garcin, Vice President & General Manager of Jahia Inc., in Washington, DC to discuss the open source CMS Cloud offering. Some companies still have financial incentives to own their datacenter It really depends on the financial structure of the firm. Some prefer hardware that you can depreciate, in order to maximize tax deductions [CAPEX versus OPEX]. Most of our Cloud clients prefer to expense [OPEX] their web initiative spendings

Back to Basics: What Is Open Source Software?

Now that Google has open-sourced VP8 as part of its WebM initiative, the once-esoteric question "What is open source anyway?" takes a highly tactical turn

OSCON Week: Cloud Summit

The highlight of this year's OSCON is a stronger focus on issues related to cloud computing. This was evident from a full day event in the form of Cloud Summit on this topic. This event was organized by Simon Wardley, formerly of Canonical and now a researcher at Leading Edge Forum (CSC), and John Willis from Opscode. The idea behind Cloud Summit is to explore the topic around cloud computing and debate on some of the contentious topics around standards and open source. From this perspective, this event was a huge success.

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