If a good old summer road trip is in the near future, there a few items you’ll want to bring to ensure the best time ever. Pack your bags with this list of must-haves and pave your way to summer fun on the road.


  1. Sunglasses

Drive with the top down and enjoy the wind blowing through your hair, but don’t forget to pack a good pair of sunglasses that’ll come in handy on and off the road. Snag some solid shades with quality UV protection against the harsh rays. Ray-Ban offers a wide variety of sunglasses online that give you a chance to build your own pair to your liking. Choose everything from your favorite frames and lenses to the color, and personalize it even more by engraving a message on them. You’ll look styling as you explore new territory and soak in the sights with premium visibility.


  1. Portable Speakers

Whether it’s in the hotel room getting ready for the night or on the campsite, play your favorite tunes to set the tone each day on the road. You can create the mood of the trip anywhere you go by bringing portable speakers. Try investing in speakers that are lightweight with premium audio, like the UE Boom. It can pair via Bluetooth connection so you can control the jams directly from your smartphone.


  1. Selfie Stick

Capturing precious moments on the road-trip are a must, but sometimes there’s not always someone around to take the picture for you and your travel buddies. Come prepared and self-sufficient by busting out the selfie stick. Thanks to the popularity of selfies and social media, there are many different options out on the market to meet your demands. Be sure to pick one sized properly to hold your smart phone and circumstances, like perhaps a longer stick to fit everyone in the frame.


  1. Wireless Battery Charger

The last thing you want on your trip is for your phone to die on you in times of need. Not only does your phone give you the ability to take pictures and videos during traveling, it also helps you navigate and connect to the internet should you need information. Additionally, it provides a means to communication so you can stay safe. That’s why you’ll want to pack a wireless battery charger for situations where power outlets aren’t always available. Try out a battery-charging phone case like Mophie’s Juice Pack or a separate, wireless battery-charging accessory for a lighter feel.


  1. Address Book and Stamps

Picking up postcards at souvenirs shops in the towns you visit is a classic road trip move. Before hitting the road, collect all the addresses of friends and family you want to keep posted about your travels. And don’t forget the stamps so you can mail unique postcards as you please.


Your summer road trip is about to get a lot better with these must-haves. Make it convenient so you have more time to adventure on in carefree fashion.


Jessica Oaks

Jessica Oaks is a freelance journalist who loves covering technology news and the ways that technology can make life easier. Follow her on Twitter @TechyJessy.

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Jessica Oaks

Jessica Oaks is a freelance journalist who loves covering technology news and the ways that technology can make life easier. Follow her on Twitter @TechyJessy.

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