Regular maintenance keeps car trouble from resulting in devastating and expensive breakdowns. It prevents the hassle of getting stuck on the side of the road waiting for repair or towing services. Problems in many systems will often lead back to problems in the electrical system. When this happens, auto electricians in Perth are available to get the car back up and running. The following are five common reasons vehicles fail to operate properly.

Five Main Reasons for Car Failure

If a car fails to start or suddenly stalls while running, a number of systems could be the culprit:


Flat tyres are often noticeable only once they have occurred, but damaged tyres should be inspected before it gets that far. Tyre pressure should be adjusted before long trips and when carrying large loads. Neglected damage leads to slow leaks which eventually deflate the tyre.

Overdue Oil Change

Failing to routinely change the car's oil leads to a sludgy engine buildup. The oil no longer reaches the necessary parts of the system and the car breaks down. The oil should be changed once a year or every 16 kilometers.

Distributor Cap and Spark Plugs

If carbon builds up in the distributor, it will conduct electricity, hindering the car's performance. A short in the coil voltage causes a faulty connection in the distributor cap's terminal. Distributor trouble can cause a misfire in the vehicle's spark plugs. The spark plug ignites the air and fuel used to power the car. When a car is slow to start it is often caused by problems with these devices. Damaged spark plugs can reduce gas mileage. When a spark plug problem is ignored for an extended period of time, it can lead to one of the most expensive repairs in the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is responsible for controlling the car's emission system.

Problems with the Alternator

The alternator turns the mechanical energy from the engine's crank shaft into electrical energy. It also works to keep the battery charged, which provides the power to start the car. The alternator should be properly ventilated and free of exposure to dirt, precipitation or direct sunlight.


A battery's terminals should be regularly cleaned and lubricated. The lubrication, such as grease or petroleum jelly, protects the terminals from corrosion. The battery's clamps and connections should be always secure. If any part of the battery is neglected it causes the alternator to work harder in order to charge it. In a crucial catch-22, this overworking of the alternator leads back to alternator failure, which leads to battery failure. Battery testers can be purchased to maintain the battery's quality.
Battery Maintenance

Battery failure is the most common cause of vehicle breakdowns. Due to frigid temperatures, it is a more common occurrence in winter time. In this weather, the battery may put out less power or recharge more slowly when the car is driven. Also, many people put increased loads on vehicles by using more lights, heat, heated seats and windshield wipers. Because of the harsher conditions, many are stuck indoors due to extreme weather closings. This means the car stands unused for days on end. Sporadic driving is detrimental to the battery's longevity. Modern battery chargers or conditioners can be purchased for infrequent drivers. They are left connected to the battery without the risk of overcharging and prolong its life. When the car is not being used, every electrical component should be turned off, including the lights and the radio. If left on overnight, the battery can be drained, especially is cold weather. If a battery starts showing signs of impending failure or if it is more than five years old, it should be replaced as soon as possible. It is more sensible to maintain its health beforehand than to become stuck on the side of the road in need of an emergency repair.
Auto Electricians in Perth

Auto electricians are skilled technicians that specifically service the electrical components of a vehicle. These may include the alternator, batteries or air conditioning system. The technology in a car's electrical system is too complicated for repairing at home. It can also be dangerous to the driver or the welfare of the vehicle if done incorrectly. Because so much of the car's functioning depends on the electrical system, this is not an area to consider lightly. Relying on professionals is always the most sensible choice. Regular maintenance and prevention are the safest options, but even after problems have begun auto electricians in Perth can repair the damages.

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