The coronavirus pandemic has changed how businesses operate globally. Accordingly, the situation has been overwhelming and challenging to everyone. However, having the right strategies has enabled various businesses to bounce back and thrive in the harshest economic conditions since the great depression. The uncertainties surrounding the business world have made entrepreneurs more innovative and risk-tolerant. Additionally, small business owners have had to do with approaches that help their businesses grow and thrive amidst a pandemic.

This may not be the time to focus on growth since survival alone seems like a significant achievement. Additionally, the pandemic has been an eye opener for many. Now, you should know that your priorities should be investing in marketing strategies that enhance your brand image. Accordingly, the focus should be on transforming the business structure and reverting to remote work.  Not every business can generate sustainable revenue. However, that doesn't mean you cannot survive a pandemic. This article outlines six brilliant ways to grow your business during a pandemic.

Invest in remote tools

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how businesses operate. Nowadays, more companies are flourishing online due to restrictions in movements and social distancing. Remote work continues to be the most viable option for many businesses. Therefore, the first thing you need is to make your business more flexible by reverting to online work. This may mean training your employees to work remotely without challenges.

However, remote work comes with the need for tools that support online work. For instance, you may need business management software to help you monitor progress remotely. Additionally, communication software like Zoom may help you keep your team in touch with each other as they work from home. With live chat video software, you can hold conferences with suppliers, employees, and customers. This should offer an opportunity to make remote work more manageable and smoother without interfering with productivity.

Highlight your products and services

Customers often want to know how different you are from the rest. Accordingly, this is the time to show your client base that you have them at heart by highlighting how you intend to make a difference. Since the pandemic has limited physical interactions, customers may not be able to visit your shop. Therefore, you need to be innovative in how you create value remotely.  

When prospective customers come across your business online, they are likely to be in the dark and have to browse through to see if you can address their needs. Therefore, you need to highlight how your products and services address various requirements. Do they benefit clients during this pandemic?

Every offering should create value and remain relevant to customer needs. For instance, you should consider giving discounts to medical practitioners within your locality or offering a free face mask for every purchase.

Keep your customers engaged

Customer retention is essential for any business, regardless of its size. Therefore, you should always prioritize existing clients before looking for ways to attract more. Accordingly, you need quality leads, and this calls for staying in touch with current customers.

Maintaining an online presence is one of the best ways to keep customers engaged. Another excellent way to stay in touch with customers is through targeted marketing. This way, you should notify your clients when you launch a new product or service. Accordingly, email notifications are a great way to get the job done.

Show empathy

During this period of uncertainties and unprecedented future, any form of emotional; connection can go a long way in helping your business grow. If you can all the way to gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs, you will easily win over their hearts. This may involve establishing an effective communication system and channels to connect with clients. Additionally, the effort will enhance transparency and make your business more relatable. If you expect delays, let the customer know in advance. Further, thank clients for their patience and loyalty during this period. You can also go the extra mile by offering free delivery to cover for delays.  

Rethink your marketing

One thing this pandemic has taught businesses is that public events are no longer an option. If you had plans for PR events, product launches, or other in-person sessions, you need to reconsider and re-strategize your tactics. This is the time to focus on digital marketing to save on costs that come with significant promotional events.

This is an opportunity to cut down on your marketing budget and invest more funds in online marketing to reach more potential clients. Since customers are currently spending more time at home, you need to focus on strategies that reach them without a physical connection. Invest in search engine optimization to enhance your search results rankings. This is an essential step to promoting your brand during and after the crisis. Since we do not know when the pandemic will be over, you need to be more flexible in your marketing strategies.

Enhance your online presence

With strict health guidelines, your small business can no longer welcome clients physically. However, you will still need to generate revenue. Therefore, the best way is to exploit other ways to connect with your customers.

Creating a business website and other social media platforms is an excellent way to get started. Additionally, you need to increase your social media presence and build an understanding with current and prospective customers. Your social media platforms will help you to direct clients to your stores. Additionally, do not forget to include click and collect options.

The Bottom Line

The current situation is stressful for everyone. Accordingly, the pandemic has hit every business, with the future being bleak. With all these, you need to adapt to the new normal and grow your business to suit the existing environment.

The central concept remains to show your customers that you care about their welfare. That is where customer experience comes in. Prioritize customer needs and offer products and services that help people feel more comfortable. The only solution remains using best practices to successfully run your business remotely. Accordingly, these tips should help you make your company more pandemic proof.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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