Should You Live with an Elderly Parent? Here’s What to Know

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Living with elderly parents may not everyone’s preference. However, some people would prefer to live with their parents as they grow old to care for them as their health declines. In fact, there are benefits to living with an elderly parent, especially if you have small kids.

If you are considering taking in your parents and caring for them as they near the sunset years of their life, here are some of the benefits and the drawbacks—you may encounter:


  • Comfort and belongingness

We have all heard the saying, “there’s no place like home.” Some people may think leaving an elderly parent to a nursing home where they can interact with other older adults is the best thing to do. They will meet and socialize with other older adults who can understand them, possibly make new friendships as they grow older each day.

But there really is no place like home. Your parents will definitely feel more comfortable living with their kids and grandchildren. It can also be therapeutic for them to see your family grow and mature. They are surrounded by familiar friends and faces that can make them feel safer and secure.

  • Peace of mind

Remember the feeling when your parents dropped you off for your first day in school? It is frightening for both you and your parents. Dropping your parents off in a nursing home will give you the same feeling of anxiousness. You will worry about whether they had already eaten if they are getting the proper care they need or sleeping well.


Personally caring for your parents or getting professional home health will let you sleep better knowing and seeing your parents get the proper care they deserve and need.

  • More personalized healthcare

If you barely have time to personally tend to your parents’ needs but still want to live with them, signing up for a caregiver will be your best option. Unlike in nursing homes, home care can be tailored to the specific needs of the elderly and develop more dedicated face-to-face healthcare.

Elderly people can be better taken care of because professional caregivers can provide undivided attention compared to living in a large nursing home facility.

  • Elderly people living with kids can be therapeutic

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease account for many causes of disability among older people. Dementia is a general term for several diseases that affect mostly older adults. While dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are progressive and have no cure, there are some ways to delay their progression.

Several studies also showed that intergenerational care could significantly impact elderly people with dementia, particularly in the level of interaction between the patient and the child.

If you have kids, this can help your parents have worthwhile activities at home, improving their overall quality of life.

  • Costs

According to the American Health Care Association, the national average cost for nursing homes costs $89,000 annually to provide a semi-private room. In contrast, home care will only cost around $5,000 a month or $60,000 per year. The costs of home care can even go lower if you contract a private provider.


  • More responsibilities

Taking in your parents to live with your family means increased responsibility. Aside from tending to the needs of your children and spouse, you will also have to look after your parents’ well-being. You may have some difficulties balancing your time between your work, parents, and kids.

  • Privacy

Even if you live in a big house, privacy may still be an issue when your parents live in the same home as you and your family. It may also negatively impact relationships between spouses and children.

  • Home modifications for the elderly

Living with the elderly also means you must make special accommodations for their needs since most elderly people will have mobility issues. Modifications ranging from flooring to stairways and kitchen to showerheads must be considered when deciding to let your parents move in with you.

  • Social disadvantages

If you are the type, who likes frequently inviting friends over for a weekend get-together, having your parents live with you may negatively impact this routine. As elderly people want a quiet space and environment, after-work drinks with your colleagues or friends at home may not be appreciated by your parents.

We all want to take care of our parents the same way they used to take care of us when we were little. This, however, will come with certain advantages and disadvantages that will greatly impact the financial, emotional, and mental aspects of your daily life.

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