There are few things scarier for a parent than the idea of their child running away. While most moms and dads work extremely hard to keep their kids happy, young people are strange, and there can be loads of different things that cause them to look for an escape. Of course, though, it doesn’t really matter why they’ve gone; you just need to figure out a way to find them. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best techy solutions to a problem like this, giving you the chance to rest assured that you will always be able to find your child when they go missing.

Social Media

Social media has been at the heart of a lot of stories in recent years, several of which have involved criminals outing themselves to the police by posting photos of themselves online in places with distinct features. You can do a similar thing, checking their social profiles to see if you can find any posts which show their location. Photos can often have metadata stored which will give you an idea of where they were taken, though this isn’t always as accurate as simply figuring out their location based on the photograph itself.


While not everyone owns their own CCTV system, tools like this have been becoming increasingly popular over the last few decades. There is a vast web of cameras spanning the globe, and you might be surprised to see just how many of your neighbors have them on the outside of their home. By asking to see footage from the time your child went missing, you can get a strong idea of the direction they’ve gone in. This might not give you their exact location, but it will give you a trail to follow, and you may be able to use other CCTV along the way. Of course, though, you will need to be careful to make sure that you don’t waste your time.

Their Phone

It’s rare to find a child without a smartphone nowadays, and this is likely to be the very first thing they pack when they are running away. Not a lot of people realize, but it is possible to track an iPhone by number without having any apps on the target phone, and this could enable you to get an exact location for your child without them realizing it. This is a good way to track your child in an emergency situation, but you could also consider putting something more permanent in place. Of course, though, if you tell your child about this, they may abandon their phone when they run away to escape it.

Children run away all the time, but this is usually just a phase which they will grow out of. During this time, you need to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to keep them safe as they learn about the outside world. They might get themselves into trouble, but you will always be there to help them.

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