With COVID-19 and the rise of technology, more companies have been hiring remote workers. While this does come with many benefits, many workers find that their home offices aren’t up to scratch, whether that’s down to not enough space or low-quality furniture. If you work from home and you want to create an office that boosts your productivity, then read on. 

A Distraction-Free Desk 

Making your desk distraction-free means only having work-related items on it. When setting up, only fill the drawers with stationery and work items, and leave all other electronics, like TVs and tablets, in another room. One thing people complain about when working from home is how many distractions there are, so by removing them, you remove this problem. 

Use the Space 

Not everyone has vast amounts of space to play with when it comes to a home office, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to fit everything in comfortably. Invest in some storage furniture to make use of all the space available, and get creative with where you put the furniture. 

Use Macys coupons, which you can find at https://givingassistant.org/coupon-codes/macys.com, to buy shelves, drawers, and a desk to create a home office space that fits everything you need it to. 

Check the Temperature 

When working from home, you might be tempted to crank up the heating to way higher than your old office allowed or resist putting it on at all to conserve energy bills. Neither will help your productivity! 

You want a stable, warm temperature throughout your workday. Too hot, and you’ll start to feel sleepy, but if it's too cold, the discomfort will start to distract you. 

Purchase the Best Tech 

One of the biggest killers of remote work productivity is the absence of good tech. Instead of spending as little money as possible, it is wise to invest in technology that will both last and see you through the workday with few problems. 

If you’re on the web all day, then you want to find a computer and monitor that suits your needs. If you are a graphic designer, for example, then you should purchase a computer that runs photoshop well and has a large monitor for better viewing. 

Think About Your Posture 

One of the greatest dangers office workers face is back problems, and if you’re working from home, finding the right chair is your responsibility – don’t skimp on it! Take your time to look through the best office chairs, and choose one that will keep you in a good posture throughout the day. If you’re aching by the time noon rolls around, then your work will suffer. 

Choose the Right Colors

Color changes a setting. If you want to use it to boost productivity, choose bright, stimulating colors like red, orange, and yellow. It’s also a good idea to keep the colors of your office different from the rest of the house, so when you sit down, you feel like you’re somewhere else. 

The setting is everything when it comes to working, so you want to make sure you create the best office possible with the space you have. 

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