Football is the most followed sport on the planet. Aside from a huge array of domestic leagues, there are international tournaments. In this post, we are about to list the greatest football tournaments in the world based on their sporting challenge and global reputation.

10. Copa del Rey

The Copa del Rey, or “King's Cup,” is one of the most prestigious football competitions in Europe. The longest-running competition in the history of Spanish football, the Copa del Rey has a history which is both rich and regal. While in the international competition, Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona maintain duopoly, the Copa allows other clubs to claim the silverware.

9. Confederations Cup

In 2005, the Confederation Cup was established as a forerunner to the World Cup and since then it is one of the most prominent world football tournaments. The Cup gives FIFA an opportunity to assess nations before their participation in the real thing, the teams have a chance to pit themselves against some of the best teams in the world.

8. Africa Cup of Nations

Football is the most popular sport in Africa and the African Cup of Nations is the greatest tournament on the continent. Pitting greatest African international sides against each other, the ACON suffers from a schedule flaw. It is hosted in January every year that forces European-based players to abandon their clubs to participate, which is why some of the major stars have withdrawn from the tournament.

7. FA Cup

Arguably, the most famous domestic competition in the world, the FA Cup is also the oldest association football competition in the world, first played in 1871. From the elite English clubs to the fifth-tier teams, all are invited to compete in FA Cup setting up a platform for ‘giant killings’, occasions when the little-known teams defeat the far greater opponents.

6. Copa Libertadores

South American equivalent of the Champions League, the Copa Libertadores is the most coveted prize in the South American club football. Since the inception of the competition in 1960, the Copa has become an extraordinary cultural currency in South America.

5. UEFA Europa League

Much maligned successor of the UEFA Cup, the UEFA Europa League is kind of less glamourous sibling of the main event. Still, the event is taken seriously by all the major European football major clubs including Chelsea, Atletico Madrid and Porto.

4. Copa America

The oldest existing football competition, Copa America was first officially held in 1916 in Argentina to embark country’s first century of independence. Teams associated with CONMEBOL along with Mexico, Costa Rica and the United States participate in the competition. Uruguay remains the most successful team in Copa America with 15 wins.

3. UEFA European Championship

We need not to highlight the magnificence of the UEFA European Championship. The tournament is one of the most-watched soccer events across the globe. Into existence for 55 years, the 14 tournaments held so far have produced nine different winners. This unpredictability is what keeps European Championship so exciting and a favorite of soccer odds comparison sites like OddsMax.

2. UEFA Champions League

Undisputedly the most glamourous club competition in world football, UEFA Champions League is the one that brings together the most successful football teams together. In terms of the quality of the play on the field, the UEFA Championship remains the best tournament. Today, this tournament has made Europe the most financially powerful continent in world football.

1. FIFA World Cup

No league or tournament can stand in line with the World Cup.

The Champions League may have better football and the European Championship may feature a variety of winners, still, none can offer the prestige equal to lifting the FIFA World Cup. The reason why the World Cup is placed at the top position on our list is the enormous cultural impact it can have on the winning team. No other football tournament unites a nation like being crowned the best football nation in the world.

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