Using eBook readers can give you great flexibility and numerous options for your reading pleasure. Yet the one thing that they do not always improve upon is your vision. You need to make sure that you take steps to protect your vision so that you can continue to enjoy your eBooks for a long time to come.

Incorporate Regular Rest Breaks for Your Eyes
Many eBook readers and tablets come with the option to download certain apps. You may find it beneficial to download a timer app and set it for 20 or 30 minutes. Whenever you have spent more than 20 or 30 minutes reading, you should take 30 seconds or longer to stare off into the distance or do something unrelated to reading. This gives your eyes a chance to adjust. More importantly, it prevents them from becoming damaged from focusing too closely on an object. Failing to rest your eyes can cause you to become nearsighted and damage your ability to see well in the distance and peripherally.

Choose eInk Whenever Possible
A number of tablets and the best eBook readers now incorporate variations on eInk or paper page technology. These make it so that it's as if you are looking at a real page rather than technology screens. The various eBook readers sometimes refer to this in different ways. Just look for descriptions that state the reader does not have a glare or that it does not reflect light. These readers typically focus primarily on eBooks rather than multimedia tablets, but they will give your eyes significantly more protection. Remember that the glare on the screen is one of the main reasons for eye strain and headaches.

Modify the Text Size
One thing that all eBook readers have in common is the ability to modify the text size. Don't just read the text at the size that it sets itself at. You will want to change the text size to one that you can comfortably read at arm's length. No app can quite change the text to the perfect size for your vision, but they all allow you to modify it. By setting the font at a size you can read at arm's length, you reduce the likelihood of eye strain as well as the development of nearsightedness.

It's important to protect your eyes when you do a lot of reading. Even when reading on a top notch eBook reader, you need to make sure that you take adequate precautions. Your first step should be to download a timer app or set a timer to remind yourself to take a break once every 20-30 minutes. You should choose eReaders that have eInk or similar technology so that you don't have a glare on your screen. The glare or the reflection is the most common reason for eye strain. Once you start reading, you should make sure that you modify the text size so that it is a size that is more comfortable for your viewing. Taking precautions to protect your vision will allow you to continue to enjoy reading throughout your life.

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