Especially in the modernized digital age, conventional work methods have become obsolete and drifted everything and everyone to the world wide web. Living in the present era requires a precise adaptation to these mutating trends. Corporate businesses’ presentations involve a lot of PowerPoint files. We will learn about the whys and hows of its PDF conversion. 

Importance of PowerPoint Files

PowerPoint presentations have come very far from its initial introduction in 1987. It has gradually transformed from pixelated graphic figures to high-definition video and audio uploads with exciting animations; these PowerPoint presentations are vastly used in today’s generation to generate a powerful impact. 

In the corporate business world, these presentations play a vital role in the field of product promotions and business planning. However, there are some challenges in uploading and sending them through online webmail platforms. How do you overcome these challenges? What you need right now is GoGoPDF, a free PPT to PDF converter online

Why Convert Them To PDF? 

Although PowerPoint is the primary program you would use for constructing presentations from scratch, there are inevitable circumstances wherein they become bothersome to handle when sent online. Besides, PPT files are more space-consuming than PDFs; they are heavier to upload online and sometimes reach the upload limit capacity. 

You probably have encountered receiving a 2017 PPT file and opened it with your 2013 PPT program and noticed that some texts, images, and animations do not align with the previous format. Bottom line, convenience and uniformity are the prime factors for converting PowerPoint presentations to the portable document format. 

How To Execute PDF Conversion

What you need is an updated computer, or laptop, or mobile device. Modern smartphones already have pre-installed Adobe PDF readers, allowing them to view these documents more conveniently. Of course, you also need an adequate amount of internet connectivity to go along with the processes. 

  1. On your preferred browser, open the GoGoPDF home page and click the “PPT to PDF” option. 
  2. Start uploading your PowerPoint file by clicking the “Select File.” Dragging it directly to the converter tool is also a good choice. 
  3. Two rainbow loading meters will appear. The first one represents the uploading process, and then the second one is for PDF conversion. 
  4. Fast and easy, your PPT file is now converted to PDF! To quickly share it via social media platforms, you can copy the URL and send it immediately. For better reference, save it on your hard disk or Google Drive. 

Aside from PPT presentations, GoGoPDF also has more conversion functions to choose from; it goes two-way, too. Converting files to PDF is easy with GoGoPDF, and converting from PDF is also doable! So if you are handling Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or JPG images that require PDF conversion, you can still take advantage of these free conversion services. 

For More Compact File Size

Provided that you already have a converted PowerPoint in PDF, file size becomes less of an issue and is more comfortable to print and share. However, if you still need a smaller size for easier uploading, try out GoGoPDF’s compressor. You can shrink your PDF file into its least possible size without fully compromising its actual content. 

PDF compressor only works with PDFs, so if you convert your files to PDF, there wouldn’t be much of a problem anymore. With a compressed PDF, you saved disk space and rescued yourself from the hassle of burdensome online uploading. 


A considerable advantage of these PDFs is that they are compatible with most devices and operating systems. GoGoPDF also works the same as it is as versatile as PDF is to your mobile devices. 

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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