Online dating of course is a huge, huge industry, but also a huge amount of people doing it. And apparently, every one of four couples now has met online first. So that's pretty. I'm not seeing this actually diminishing, it's just going to get more and more because, it's just so damn convenient and at the same time I know people say, “online dating you know never works for me, you know everything is fake, everything is you know, not real. Women look different from what they look like on the pictures and all that stuff.” So, I wanted to give you a few key tips to make online dating work for you. And when I'm saying online, I also mean things like Facebook, Twitter and just you keep your radar open for women that you might be interested in, and know how to take things forward.

But let's talk about online dating sites. Those guys experienced the problem that they are signing up, but then you know they don't get any interaction happening, and you know maybe, they sentence you know, some short message to Like fifty women and none of them really replies, or they don't get women replying or getting in touch with them or, if they do then like ten-years-old, well whatever. You know, there's so many horror stories that people tell me and people love to slide off. At the same time, why is it so popular? Why are so many people meeting online? And why the dating sites so full of people who seem to be doing okay? I mean, otherwise they're all crazy right. So for many people, it must be going well and I think, it is going well, if you doing it in the right way. Here’s few basics to absolutely make sure that online dating is going to be your friend and going to be a useful tool for you to meet more women than you ever will be able to set up dates with, if you were just running around in the streets and you know hitting on women up to them. Few online dating sites like https://kovla.com have features such as Video chat that helps with more successful online dating.

So online dating, what are key things? I’m  Well in terms of, first for your profile it's going to be huge that, you actually have pictures in there that make you look happy and as the light in there you know, somewhere not you in a darkened bedroom . All you need is a picture or two or three that just make you look you know like a happy guy, happy friendly ,attractive guy and if you're saying no, I cannot look attractive, anybody can look attractive in the picture. You just need to, you know, have the right lighting, just need to have a good angle, you just have to have a good person taking a picture of you and in so doing don’t take one of your bathroom pictures, you know, you know, you make it been fun to the bathroom mirror or something like that because you know, frankly women are so put off by these things in general, that you know, you not going to really go anywhere with that. Second thing is a cause to be able to get a ride, a good profile can actually talk about you, and the things you love. Women love men that are passionate on average. So, if you can't talk about stuff that you're passionate about and shows a sense of humor as well and show bit of self-irony, all of those things which can describe a little bit, like what you're looking for.

Make sure that, you actually take some time writing stuff down, you may think are, you know, what “ I'd rather women just get in touch with me and ask me questions.” But if there's nothing in the profile that provide hooks for women to ask a question about, you know, you won't get lots of women getting in touch with you and when you actually, you know see a picture of a girl that you want to talk to, of course many guys kind a ruin everything by just sending a message like, “hey, how you doing?” What I would suggest strongly, you do and recommend strongly, is that you pick up something specific from a profile that you noticed and then you refer to it, you make fun of it or you tease about it, you challenger about it and you basically get quite specific. In your first message is this almost as if you can help yourself getting in touch, you know without having thought about it much but you just found it interesting that she sat on a camel, you know.

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He's an avid gadget geek and spends most of his time reading or writing.

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