Marketing is a crucial part of the business model. You need to use marketing to ensure that customers continue to buy your product and show an interest in your company. Without great marketing and promotion, your business will be forgotten in the sea of competition. Every year, thousands of more businesses will try their luck and an already overflowing market. The difference between winners and losers is always going to be the methods that they use. Business owners need to find ways to make their company stand out above the rest. This is crucial for continued success in the industry.

Due to this, old and lazy methods of marketing no longer work. You can try to stand in the street handing out fliers. But what’s going to happen? Chances are that the flier will end up in the trash, and the potential customer will forget about your company in a matter of minutes. You may think that television ads are still effective. However, you’ll be lucky if you have the money in your budget to afford one. For most new business owners, this type of marketing lies outside the realms of possibility. You need to be clever, savvy and creative when you choose marketing for your company or product. There a couple of boxes that you’ll need to tick off when establishing your campaign.

Fantastic Interaction And Engagement

There are plenty of ways to ensure that your marketing efforts are interactive and engage the customers. Let’s start by thinking about online forms of marketing. Online marketing is one of the most popular forms of promotion available. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be spending weeks fussing over the right keywords to boost your search ranking. Let your marketing agency handle that issue. You need to be focusing on new ways to connect with your customers.

The answer is social media. Social media is fast taking over both SEO and content as the number one way to market a business online. You can start by getting more active on your profiles and account. Remember you must keep filling your accounts with fresh information that is valuable to the target customer. Updates, notifications, and new product releases should all be revealed across social media. You should try to spend more time on new social media that provides live interaction. An example of this is Snapchat stories. Just over a year ago, people would have laughed at the idea of using Snapchat as a marketing tool. Now, almost every major commercial business has a Snapchat story. It is a chance to show customers what happens behind the scenes of business. A true way for customers to interact with their customers.

Live feeds are another possibility that you may want to look into. These can be incorporated into a Facebook marketing campaign. You can then directly answer questions from your customers.

Of course, it’s not just about interacting online. You need to think about new ways to interact with customers and clients offline too. You might be interacting with customers handing out fliers. But you are certainly not engaging. You need to be thinking about bigger and more expensive methods such as live shows. If you see live shows here, you will understand they are a form of guerilla marketing. Guerilla marketing is a method that makes the customer the spectacle. Entertainers, actors, and employees engage with the audience in a completely new way. If you do this, when you launch a new product it will be an event in itself. An example of a company that has this down to a tee would be Marvel. Every year, Comic-Con is held in San Diego, held to showcase the next geek chic films and TV shows. Last year Marvel didn’t attend at all. Instead, they set up their own event, revealing news at a private entertainment function. Immediately, the news went viral and by separating themselves from the rest of the market, they gained all the attention. The same tactic could work for any business.


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In fact, the best way to use this tactic is with a connected marketing campaign. You can tease the entertainment event on social media. You can then release tickets for attendance and finally work with a live marketing company to make sure it is a hit.

Going Viral

Offline or online, when you’re marketing, you should always be aiming to go viral. This can happen due to a positive or a negative story. But the key here is that word, ‘story.’ You need to create a story and a context around your marketing campaign. It is the easiest way to ensure that your marketing and promotion does go viral. Tell a story that people want to share because it relates and connects to them. You need to create the content and the promotion around your target customer.

Finding your target customer isn’t difficult. Think about the product you’re trying to sell and who it will appeal to. For instance, if you’re selling spare phone parts, your biggest customer is the repair shops. Once you know these are your customers, you need to appeal to them directly. Find out what their issue is and then highlight how your business solves that issue. Do this and you can guarantee yourself a lot of interest online.


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Remember, press publications are your biggest ally. They’ll market your business for you, and all you need to do is provide them with a story. That’s why sending out press releases in bulk is never a bad idea. Particularly, if you are about to unveil a new product to the market.

These are the targets that you need to aim for when you market your company. You need to connect with your customer, and you must make sure you engage. If you do this, you can then start to form a story within your marketing. That story can then be used to sell a product or company to the masses, without them even realizing it’s marketing. Businesses often try to spin going viral as a random, unforeseen occurrence. Make no mistake, if a business does manage to go viral, it’s due to a unique and meticulously crafted marketing campaign.

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