Do you want to know how to make successful video blogs for your content strategy on YouTube? You are in the right place! There are all kinds of vlogs, from the most homemade to the most professional. Which one you choose will depend on the target audience you are targeting and the identity of the personal brand under which you are working.

How to make winning video blogs is no longer a mystery, because here we will tell you everything! From the basics such as what a videoblog is, to what it is for and how you can make your first audiovisual pieces of this style.

Have a pen and notepad handy!

What is a videoblog?

Before going fully to how to make successful video blogs, you have to be clear about what a video blog is about. A videoblog is an audiovisual piece where valuable content is transmitted, for a specific target audience. Generally, a vlogger, who is the person who generates this type of content, specializes in a particular topic. The themes are diverse, it can be created from a beauty, entertainment, lifestyle, marketing, economics video blog, to video games, among many others.

In addition, within the channel of the same vlogger you can find different content presentation formats, such as tutorials, unboxing, interviews and more. If you want to start creating content for your videoblogs today, you should know that YouTube is one of the first platforms that you have to take into account to ensure part of the success. According to this social network, they have more than 2 billion users, which is equivalent to almost a third of Internet users, and more than 70% of the playback time comes from mobile devices.

Difference between blog and vlog

You may be wondering what the difference is between blog and vlog. Well, although they may seem very similar, they have their counterpoints since a blog and a vlog are not the same. First of all, blogs are web pages where you can create posts in the format of articles. In blogs you can create content by alternating texts, images and videos. While, in the case of vlogs, the content is presented only in video format.

Second, the content of a blog and vlog can be exactly the same, but the way it is presented varies, as we mentioned earlier. Those who are dedicated to writing articles are known as bloggers, while those who are dedicated to producing videoblogs are vloggers.

What is a videoblog for?

Do you know how useful the videoblog is to position a personal brand? It is that videos in themselves represent an easy-to-consume format, which can take us back to one of the most traditional media such as television, with the difference that you are deciding what content to watch, at the time and when you want. The video format hooks and too much. Come on, who has not ever seen videos of a person visiting remote corners of the world?

Today,  videos are the favorite type of content for consumers to see about a brand on social media? You can target the generation of content around a commercial brand or focus on positioning a personal brand in relation to a certain theme. If you need interesting videos for your project but don’t have enough time to create them, you can use this Artgrid discount code to get 2 months free stock video footage.

You can exploit videoblogs by carrying out commercial actions with brands that are interested in the same audience segments that you are attracting and working in your community of followers. Thanks to making videoblogs you will be able to install your personal brand, build loyalty with your audience and become a benchmark for them.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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