Making Connections To Grow Your Business 2The best locations to make connections will have something to do with your unique industry and niche.

Researching your industry and following the top conferences or conventions will help you find inroads for those connections. When it comes to local connections for your business there are some places you need to start no matter what your niche.

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Building Local Connections to Grow Your Business

  • Council meetings – Most of these events are not attended by a large number of people. The elected officials will see your face when you attend regularly and may even begin to approach you outside of the meetings. You can make your mark by taking time at the end of the meeting to thank the council members for their time. You can also make a mark by researching the subjects on the agenda and speaking with knowledge when the public has the opportunity to speak.
  • City events – Many of these events are put on by volunteer groups. Find out who is in charge and volunteer your time and expertise. The more you connect with the city then the more you will become connected with people in the upper levels of your community.
  • Chamber of Commerce – Look into how your local chamber runs. Some host monthly events when you can meet and visit with other business leaders in the community. Attend the events as often as possible and go with the mission to meet one or two new members each time.
  • Charitable organizations – Considering volunteering your time or talents for an organization that is active in your community. Signing up to help with a fund raising 5K or a dinner will allow you to make new connections that can be the next tool you need to grow your business.
  • Get into leadership roles – The more involved you become the more likely you will move up to take a leadership position in one of the groups or organizations. Weigh the cost of the time you will have to invest with the value of the exposure for your name and your business. Being at the top will continue to provide you with amazing opportunities to connect.
  • Open your business or office doors – Groups are always looking for places to host their events. Offer to be the host business for one event. It will bring new people into your business and also help you to connect to even more people during that event.

Building connections will help you to grow your business. The old saying “it is not what you know but who you know” has some value when it comes to success in business. Having the right connections gives you access to mentors with the knowledge and experience of their own success.

Industry connections are valuable. You make these through social media, conferences and conventions that are associated with your niche market. Local connections for building your business can be just as valuable (and sometimes even more). The right local connections can help you find your way through the maze of rules and regulations often associated with growing a business.

Getting involved with local activities can help you begin to grow your local connections. Avoid the polarizing events (like politics) and stick to those that have a positive influence on the people and the community. The more opportunities you take to interact with the community then the easier it will be for you in making the connections to grow your business to the level of success you desire.


Nick has been blogging about business for 3 years; he currently helps businesses with their business microblogging and blogs about ways heat mapping software can maximize websites usefulness.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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