For years there has been talk of overhauling and legalizing the drugs system, but what does this even mean? And how would legalizing these substances benefit us? Here are some things to consider about legalization and how it would impact our lives.

Everything used to be Legal

Once upon a time, and not that long ago, drugs were legal. When Coca Cola was invented in 1886, the secret ingredient was cocaine. Actually, it wasn’t a secret, it is clearly labelled that it contained cocaine and caffeine. And Coca Cola wasn’t the only one. Cough syrups, medications, and other goods were filled with cocaine, morphine, and other opiates. And now we know why our great grandparents could walk barefoot for five miles in the snow to get to school everyday, everything used had cocaine in it. In 1902, certain states started banning it, and eventually it was illegal across the country.

Save Tax Dollars

Drug related crime costs the Government billions of dollars every year. If you can remove the illegal element of drug possession, this would cut the crime rate massively. This would also allow people to sell drugs legally, which would generate billions of money for the Government in tax dollars and create jobs. This is money that could be pumped back into the economy for infrastructure and education, and reduce the unemployment rate.

Safer Drugs

Let’s be clear, we know that legalising drugs will not stop people being addicted to drugs. The unfortunate thing is, if someone wants to take drugs, they will find a way to take them. The issue with this is that illegal drugs are often dangerous and unregulated. We have all heard the horror stories of people trying drugs for the first time only to die from poisoning rather than a drug overdose. Black market drugs can and will contain anything. By having a legal and regulated drug market, the drugs can be made safer.

It has been a Success in Other Countries

Across Europe, countries have begun the process of decriminalizing all drugs. Portugal was the first country to do this in 2001 and it has been a huge success. Not only has crime gone down, the amount of needle users has dropped too. Instead of punishing people for taking drugs, they are supported and helped to tackle their addiction.

Just because they are Legal, Doesn’t mean you Have to Take Them

A lot of people worry that because drugs could suddenly be made legal, everyone will be using them. Although people might be tempted to use them, and there are no criminal consequences, that doesn’t mean that it is allowed by employers. Companies can still test for drugs with the help from Brad Schaeffer with Medcomp Sciences so you can be rest assured that drug abuse will not creep across certain businesses. And we think we can all agree, there are plenty of other legal things in this world that you haven’t tried, and you don’t have to take drugs just because they are legalized. 

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