Every generation has its own set of characteristics, formed by the world they have grown up in. Generation Z has been emersed in a digital landscape, familiar with digital technology from an early age if not their entire lives.

Here are some of the latest trends popular among those Gen Zers.

Sustainable consumerism

Gen Zers are more acutely aware of the environment and the impact humans are having upon it than previous generations are, perhaps because they are the first group who will be seriously affected by climate change.

This is influencing their buying habits, with many looking more deeply into how ethical a brand is and how their purchases will affect the planet.

There is a growing anti fast-fashion movement within this age group and a rejection of single-use items and plastics.

Center parts

As highlighted recently on social media, a major fashion trend with Gen Zers is a center part. In fact, some have been pretty scathing about the previous generation’s penchant for a side parting.

Never have Millennials felt so old as when TikTok described this hair trend as “dead”. Skinny jeans were also thrown out, labelled uncool and the most unflattering style.

CBD products

With laws on cannabis loosening across the country, the demand for hemp products is on the increase.

Hemp is an eco-friendly crop and can be used to make materials such as papers and textiles, which may be one reason it is popular amongst those in the Gen Z age range.

Hemp is also being harvested for CBD products too. CBD has potential health benefits which are currently being looked into and, unlike its cannabinoid counterpart, THC, it is not psychoactive so does not alter the mind in the same way marijuana does.

Products such as CBD oils, vaping liquids and even chewable supplements such as Platinum CBD gummies are available for those already sold on its benefits.

Androgenous clothing

While being more open to different lifestyles and ways of being, conforming to gender stereotypes is definitely not their thing. Gen Zers seem to be showing much more of a preference for gender fluid styles.

While females choose cropped hair styles, make-up-free faces and shapeless clothing, males are wearing ornate jewelry, contouring their faces and wearing skirts and dresses.

Mental health awareness

Never before has a generation been so understanding or accepting of mental health issues in themselves and others.

While more Gen Zers are being diagnosed with mental illnesses, it is not necessarily because more of them are suffering but that they are less likely to be ashamed of admitting they have a problem and so avoid seeking help for it.

Connecting with nature

There is a growing fascination with the wild among younger adults and a trend for reconnecting with nature.

That could be as simple as cultivating flowers on a balcony, growing their own food, vacationing in more natural locations or even taking part in a spot of forest bathing. 

If you are not familiar with the term “forest bathing” it is essentially spending time under the canopy of trees which according to some could have certain health benefits.

For those who do not fit into the right generational category, to stay at the cutting edge and appear young and hip to your friends, take inspiration from the Gen Zers. It might even offer some unexpected benefits to your health and wellbeing too.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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