Juicing For Health: Can Green Smoothies Stop Junk Food Cravings? 1
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Do you want to remain fabulous forever? If the answer is yes than you can remain fabulous with great health. Wow! Isn’t that amazing for you to know?

Green smoothies are in trend now for you to experiment and of course you will know it’s worth trying. You cannot live without fruits and vegetables as they provide vitamins and minerals. You must be aware that they help us in fighting diseases. There are many benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.

Smoothies act on your body faster so your craving for junk food can be reduced. Smoothies are energy boosters, full of nutrients, antioxidants and the enzymes found in many legumes are good for maintain perfect health. You may even replace a meal when you are in a busy schedule, so you won’t skip your meal. You may fill a mug of smoothie and carry it with you to your office. You are sure to save a slice of bread and a fruit of course, no doubt.

A few tips on how to benefit from smoothies.

Weight loss
You may include smoothies for breakfast or can enjoy as a night drink. You feel invigorated, experience an increase in your bowel movement and a little help to bring down your weight without pain. So it’s a satisfying decision without harming yourself.

Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables
Your intake of fruits and vegetables ensure a healthy immune system free from sickness. Count on your working days. Viola! You will know who helped you attain the success.

Digestion and assimilation
Fruits and vegetables are easier to digest. You don’t require longer time for digestion, you say no to blot and rigid stools. Your body can absorb nutrients faster. If you eat junk food continuously, you need a big portion. The secret is when you are drinking smoothie; your stomach will inform you directly when you cannot consume one more glass of the energy drink. Include smoothies in your diet so you don’t overload your stomach. You should know that brain cells should get the signal of feeling to give some time for digestion. You are not going to crave for junk foods once you include a plan on how to include smoothies in your diet.

You know fruits and vegetables are full of phyto-nutrients and antioxidants; berries stand out in its quality. It will help you in getting rid of your free radicals in your body. You can experience memory and freshness from the nutrients absorbed by your body.

Energy requirement
Your body feels lighter when you are eating fruits and vegetables. You are agile to move around with an ease. Your energy is spurred up and excited and you can work effectively. There is no chance that you can look pathetic when you are boosted with energy.

Think clear
You can think straight and your focus will not change. You are sure to win. Fiber and nutrients in your diet will help you eliminate the toxins from your body and from then on, you are a winner. So eat good to do a good job. You can improve your memory with the help of antioxidants. Don’t be surprised, you will find antioxidants in those small colorful berries.

Clear and pimple free skin
The vitamins and minerals in your diet rejuvenate your skin and the result is a clear and shiny skin. The nourishment you give is reflected on your skin.

A few recipes

Spinach-banana smoothie
1. 1 cup spinach
2. 1 cup water
3. 1 banana


In a blender, blend the ingredients together and pour on a glass. You ready with a refreshing drink in your hand. Go on and enjoy it.

Sprulina Drink
Spirulina is an algae; you may buy algae from a grocery store. You need a mixer, blend and drink it for smooth functioning of your body. Your body’s alkaline balance can be maintained and can also prevent osteoporosis. Including fruits and vegetables in your diet should reduce leaching of calcium and it’s your responsibility to say no to osteoporosis along with a balanced diet and smoothies.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger who is a health buff and religiously follows a healthy lifestyle. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to maintaining the perfect work life balance.

Juicing For Health: Can Green Smoothies Stop Junk Food Cravings? 2

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