You want to confront someone going through addiction because you're concerned about them and you cherish them. Although confrontation, especially for this type of problem, can be head-spinning and scary. Not because you're afraid of them, but because they might get worse or go through a state of denial.

If you want to confront them, it is important to think everything through thoroughly to know how to handle it and help your loved one as much as possible. Be mindful not to lash out at them about their condition because it will, for sure, make things worse.

Take care of yourself first

In any aspect of life, it is a given that you always have to prioritize yourself. If you're not well, then you can't help the person you're trying to help.

Also, you must be in the right state of mind. You must be free from panic or a strong emotion before you confront someone, and even while you're planning on talking to them. This way, you can think clearly and figure out how to handle things smartly and logically.

Research about addiction

Since you're trying to help someone you love, it's important you know many things about the illness. You can't just say something to them, knowing nothing about what they're going through.

Read reliable sources, studies, and ask for help from a professional or someone who suffers from addiction. It could be with someone who also has a loved one who suffers similarly.

When you do the research, remember not to compare your loved one to other addicts since everyone is different, and each reacts differently to various treatments.

Observe their behavior

Observing their presence will help in your research about the illness. Be someone they can trust, so hopefully, they will try to open up to you even just a little. It's enough for you to figure out what step you should take next.

Once you've observed their behavior, don't assume that you already know everything. A certain behavior during a stressful day is different from a neutral day. So try to observe their surroundings too as you do them.

List down everything that went wrong because of their addiction

This is not a way to blame them. Never blame them. Before you tell them about everything you listed off, make sure you're clear that you're not criticizing them. Tell them you understand that it's not their fault that they've fallen into something appalling and that you're there to help them.

Watch your composure as you talk to them

If you got their attention to talk to you, be calm and natural as much as possible. Prepare for reactions like anger and distrust.

A better way to do this is to try not to be obvious when you approach them. They may be an addict, but they still sense things when something is wrong. Through this, you will not drop a bomb on them and make them feel attacked.

It's best to talk to them alone first so that they won't feel trapped by the entire family. Whether you've successfully or unsuccessfully convinced them to get treated and go to a drug rehab center, that's when you get help and involve the rest of your family.

Don't expect too much from them

Make sure that you don't set your expectations too high on them because it will not be helpful. Expecting so much from them will put pressure on them, and they might feel scared and humiliated. Give him time to reflect on everything you told him because it might be too much for them to hear. Especially from someone who means a lot to them.

Don't tell them you know exactly what they're going through unless you've been in a situation like it before. Those words can aggravate the situation and make them think that you're just words. To them, those words are a big lie.
In some cases, they can still be in a constant state of denial. They might try to convince you they're fine and nothing's wrong with them. Not because they aren't aware of their illness, but because they don't want you to go through so much trouble for them.

So tell them dearly that they are not a bother. Inform them it is your choice to help them, and you want to do it, not because you feel like you have to. They are not easily swayed with words, so match them with loving actions as well.
Having someone you love going through this kind of disease is definitely not easy. A lot of things might happen. However hard it is, hopefully, you don't lose your trust in them.

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